High Style Arnee Mory with Private Jet at AWestcoast Invasion Chino 2016

Arnee Mory in red dress by a private jet in Westcoast invasion Chino Airport hanger

The petite but powerful car model Arnee Mory dressed up perfectly with long red carpet dress and suspending gold chains for the private jet moments at the Westcoast Invasion Chino car show 2016

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

We could not put it together better. At the Westcoast invasion car show in Chino Airport hanger, the powerhouse model Arnee Mory came in with a long red dress that accentuates all the lines that she posed and all the curves around her.

The elegant dress is a perfect complementary style evidence of the private jet high moment look that she has created.  This is not a bikini moment, not a daisy duke knockout, or a skimpy lingerie situation.  Arnee has

Many Happy Moments of Lilly Evans @LillyEvans_ at #westcoastinvasion

At the Westcoast Invasion Chino 2016 car show, the bikini contest brought out some of the happiest moments that we captured of the famous model Lilly Evans!!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

We love Lilly Evans!  We've seen her grown from a car show model now to a famous star model.  We've seen her in many car shows but none is like this one at the Westcoast Invasion 2016 car show at the Chino airport hanger.

The bikini contest at the car show has one great ingredient that 99% of other car show bikini contest does not have... H2O!!!

During the contest, sprayed water on models, and heated music dance

Stunning Marisol Alatorre Caused a Wet Storm Frenzy at #Westcoastinvasion @AlatorreMarisol

The Westcoast Invasion Bikini Contest model Marisol Alatorre not only won the contest, she also created the highest frenzy at the car show at the Chino Airport!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

It was hot, not just the sun blaring hot, but also bikini cladding water dripping hot, especially when it comes to the performances of Marisol Alatorre at the Westocast Invasion car show.

This is the first time we met Marisol, and we were totally impressed with her on-stage model persona.  It was a fearless show of her passion

Wet and Wild and Fun Alicia Kush Kandy at Westcoast Invasion Chino 2016 Bikini Contest

Alicia Kush_Kandy getting wet and wild at the bikini contest in Westocast Invasion Car Show 2016

The mega fun JDM Sport Vixens model Alicia Kush_Kandy lead the wet and wild fun at the Bikini Contest at Westcoast Invasion Chino car show2016

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

In the last several years, Bikini contests at car shows are slowly getting tamed, and formulaic over time.  We don't see the wet fun time like this one anymore...

However, at the Westcoast Invasion Chino 2016 car show, the bikini contest took a small turn but made a major impression to the crowd!

Alicia Kush_Kandy started her catwalk on the stage with a bottle of water.  As she said, she was just cooling down, as the temperature at the day was approaching triple digits.

Then everything went down wet and
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