R.I.P. Yari Vanessaa, A Bright Star Falling Way Too Early #yarivanessaa

A Bright Star Shooting The Sky, Cut Short by The Unfortunate, Yari Vanessaa, From Our First Big Coverage of Her in The 2014 Extreme Autofest Anaheim Event

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

We learned from our peers, discussions on the model's Instagram page, aided by the possibly related link on OC Register article:
We came to know that Yari Vanessaa, a bright model, has passed away in her very young age.

We are very saddened by this news.  We have seen Yari in many car show events, and always consider her as one of the brightest starts that could go far and high.  Through out our coverage of her, we always praise her for the great works that she did and have had high hopes for her to soar in the modeling scene.


We wish that she is in a great place with great peace in mind and is surrounded by great love.  She will be greatly missed by many people that know her or have met her.

Models at the Nurotag Show / Eibach HQ Meet by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Nurotag Los Angeles 2015 and Eibach Headquarter Car Show Models 

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Nurotag Los Angeles has been an interesting car show.  Based on our 2014 coverage, we see it as a more pure car enthusiasts' gathering and providing their support to the custom car community under one roof.

This year it carries the tradition and stepped up one notch, by combining the Nurotag Los Angeles with the Eibach Headquarter car show together, hosting the a variety of cool cars and nice rides.

Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum, traveled high and low and brought back for us from Corona the car highlight coverage here:

Together with the cars, Clinton also included several true to life captures of the models showing up at the show as well!  Here they are...

Cristal Aguirre for Spektrum Magazine at #Mitsufest Fontana 2015 @Cristal_Aguirre @SpektrumMag

 Sweet and Bright Cristal Aguirre Perfect with Spektrum Magazine Mitsu-ride at the Mitsufest 2015 Fontana, CA

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

We met Cristal Aguirre many times, from the first time at the R1-Concepts, to the HIN Spektrum Magazine booth, and now back again at the Mitsufest with Spektrum Magazine again!  That was a great moment that we saw her at the show, because she was the one quarter of the model population there.

Cristal totally gave us her innocent smiles and sensual poses demonstrating her wonderful modeling talents.  Each eye cast and face movement would make a beautiful imagery on our camera. 

We even took the liberty to create some black and white version of the photos to enhance her brilliant modeling style.  We can only say that she is like a super model in many timeless pictures.

Spektrum Magazine is lifestyle magazine that contains all categories of fun, including art, fashion, travel, auto, and more.  In their "About Page", they have...

"The essential lifestyle and culture magazine, Spektrum Magazine brings the world together through all the things that make it amazing!
Spektrum Magazine devotes itself to bringing you coverage of all things that make life awesome. From the sounds of your favorite bands, to the taste of your favorite dish, to sights of your favorite artists, Spektrum keeps its fingers on the pulse of entertainment and brings you along for the ride."
- from http://www.spektrummagazine.com/about-2/ 

Import Face-Off Import Model - Brittani Paige for Kuya Kreationz #IFO @msbrittanipaige @Kuyakreationz

Super Popular Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Brittani Paige for Kuya Kreationz at Import Face-Off Fontana CA

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

On a very sunny and bright Fontana morning, Our cover model Brittani Paige showed up beautifully at the Autoclub Speedway for her big appearance at the Import Face-Off (IFO).  We quickly raised our camera and wanted to take a half-hearted paparazzi shots of her.  However, she immediately told us that she is actually late for the show, because we were at a different show!  We were at the Mitsufest, which is right next to the IFO, but almost a mile away! 

Luckily  we followed her route in the afternoon, and caught her at the IFO show, right in the Kua Kreationz booth.  It's a very happy reunion and we took many pictures of her to make up the lost opportunity.

Brittani is always so perky and fun.  We moved around places to combat the relentless sun vs camera capabilities. She found cars, she found tents, she found wire fences.  There was always a big crowd following her (it's simply because she is cute and popular!) and she gave everybody a great chance to take pictures of her, sometimes ultra fashion poses, sometimes goofy poses, and sometimes just being herself... That's why we totally love her for being who she is no matter what it is, always!

We sure will see her a lot in the year 2016 and that would be a very good new year resolution!

Big Post of Always Beautiful Jessica Weaver at Nissfest Fontana 2015 @jessicakes33

Gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Jessica Weaver Hosted Nissfest at Autoclub Speedway Fontana, CA

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

The first Nissfest had a wonderful start of the Nissan car show series with our cover models Jessica Weaver and Sandra Wong.  Jessica Weaver has been a super popular top model in the car show and event industry.  She has traveled all around for many different events featuring her as the top leading model. 

This blond and brilliant model has a strong presence at the show, and many of the car owners loved to have her pose in front of their cars.  Jessica has surely made the car show even more fun and a lot more memorable for sure!

Jessica has been on many of the brand promotions and in photo shoots that have gorgeous results to show.  In her instagram account, you can see many of her works as well as her daily life very zen-like moments that would sometimes inspire you or simply excite you.  If you need a dose of beautiful and tantalizing excite-piration, definitely follow her on the instagram!

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