Chief Editor's Twelve Top Highlights of 2015 from W&HM

Chief Editor Py, Has Selected Top 12 Highlights of Car Shows and Events, as Well as W&HM's Mods in 2015 / Los Angeles, CA / Chief Editor Py

The year 2015 has been a mega year for the car show and promotional industry as well as for the magazine.  There were many changes and new additions as well as tragedy that reverberates throughout the the community.

Of course, we know all the major car shows that have brought us all the main attractions and actions.  We want to especially thank these awesome car show organizers and promoters, namely but not exclusively, Autocon, Bimmerfest, CES, DUB, ECC, Exteme Autofest, Formula Drift, Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegant, Hot Import Nights (HIN), LA Autoshow, Offroad Expo, Redline Time Attack, SEMA, Spocom, Supercross, Wekfest, and more.  You are simply awesome!  And there were vendor sponsored car shows and meets that totally exceeded our expectation or continue their grand traditions, including but not limited to Spec-D Tuning, Extreme Dimensions, Nitto Tires, RHE, and many others.  Your works and efforts make this community thrive and exciting!

Now beyond the great norms of the car shows and events, here are a dozen highlights of something that we encountered differently or we have made a huge editorial / publishing change.  We are super happy to recap them and share with you.  We are proud and ecstatic about the progresses and changes.  We can't wait to bring more and do more in the year of 2016!!

We have traced back chronologically and started with January 2015...

1. Supercross Press Coverage

This is the first time we obtained the media pass to the great Monster Energy AMA Supercross competition. To say the least, we were totally impressed by the event and actions throughout the expo / pit areas as well as the competitions.  Here is the link to the article:

Supercross Pit Area Coverage:

2. Constance Nunes and Super Models as Our Cover Models

We all know talented Constance Nunes is a top model in the fashion / editorial world.  Her crossover to the promotional side of the modeling into the wild wild import world is an excellent example for fashion models to expand the career coverage, and helped dispelled the old stereotyping of import models.

Together with Constance, we also had the great pleasure working with the industry's top models. including Leanna Bartlett, Leila Knight, Franchesca Del Carpio, Jess Harbour, Annelise Marie, Ashley Twomey, and more as our cover models.  We simply could not ask for more!
(there is a screen wallpaper of Constance in the above page)

3. Launch of WWWH

We always get many submissions and we finally have the resources to upgrade one of our sections to World Wide Wheels and Heels as a platform for all talents including models, photographers, car owners to share their awesome works as well as give shout out to their respective sponsors.

If you like to have a presence of your works in our magazine here, definitely check out this section, and follow the submission guidelines!  Love to hear from you!
Here is the link to the WWWH section:

4. Must-go Car Shows and Meets

This year, several unexpected car shows sprung up or changed their venues that brought more awesomeness to their shows.  At Bimmerfest, they switched to the homey backyard of Rose Bowl, to Fontana's beloved Autoclub Speedway for their Bimmerfest West show place, and gathered many industry talents and Bimmer onwers and fans at the same spot.

Also, Spec-D Tuning created a kick-ass mini car show that is a miniature of any big car shows at their headquarter.   We did not expect the great turn out and big presence of models.  So did West Coast Car Wheel and Tire Show.  Bravo! Bravo!  We look for more!!

Check them out in our magazine site if you haven't!
and more...

5. Redline Time Attack by Clinton

Our sage contributor and industry guru Clinton Lum, has traveled up and down far and near (well not so near) to cover Redline Time Attack for us.  This totally brings the Redline Time Attack back to our radar map and give us the chance to appreciate the organization and community of this cool motorsport.  Thank you Clinton Lum and Redline Time Attack!

6. Insider's look at Spocom 2015

This year, Spocom has given us an exclusive all access media pass that we got the chance to see all the cool behind the scene happenings during this mega show.  Wet cars rolled in after showered in the rain, wiped down by dedicated owners, with tons of show attendees admiring them and owners taking home trophies... Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, and totally enjoyed the show before the beginning and after the ending, with exhausted feet... It's all worth it!

7. Large Format Experiment with Tera Patrick

With the improvement of technology, we seized the opportunity of large format magazine printing and produced most likely the industry's first large format magazine. This 11"x14" is a great intro to large format publication that has bigger visual impacts, especially with the hot celebrity Tera Patrick!

8. New Home Page Layout

We were super excited that we finally got our heads around and create a new landing page that we are proud of.  Gone are the single thread of show coverage, and came the sleek, multi-panes home page that is geared toward the best interests to all, including  us!  We will continue to improve our home page to bring you more refreshing experience!

9. Off Road Expo 2015 First Time

We've never covered Off Road Expo before.  Needless to say, when we were there, we were totally impressed, and the familiar models there were totally surprised by our presence as well.  We found so many true gems in the show, and enjoyed a more down-to-earth bikini contest with a strong emphasis on contestants' offroad credentials.  We love this format and really enjoyed the show!

10. So Many cover and feature models at SEMA 2015, But Missing Big Tire Companies

We have so many top-notch and highly sought after cover and feature models that they were all busy at the SEMA show this year  That's why this year's SEMA coverage was grand and exhausting.  There were so many amazing talents to cover and not to mention new faces and great talents that we never met before. 
One thing we would love to bring up here.  In recent months, we have been working closely with American Model Management, and featured many of their models in our recent issue #31.  They are utterly the most wonderful models that we've worked with.  We look forward to working with them a lot more in the future to bring you more high talents and provide them with great exposure!
On a different note, we have noticed a trend that is alarming where big tire companies, such as Hankook, Falken, and others stopped showing up in the SEMA show South Hall.  They were the main stay of the South Hall exhibitors.  This year, without their presence there, we surely miss a lot of the South Hall grand brand energy... Hopefully they will u-turn and come back next year!
(note: Falken had their booth outside the convention halls still.)

11. Star Wars and LA Autoshow

This goes without saying, 2015 is a Star Wars year.  In celebrating this iconic cultural phenomena, Fiat has created a Star Wars themed special edition car with Storm Trooper guarding the car at the 2015 LA Autoshow.  They definitely generated a lot of buzzes around the holiday season!

12. Tragic Death of Young Upstarting Model Yari Vanessaa

We are very saddened by closing this year with a tragic event that the young and talented model, Yari Vanessaa has passed away.  We've noticed this beautiful and gifted model early on when she first appeared in the import car scene.  Then she just generated a storm of amazing works and exposures through her short lived modeling career and her own life, leaving them as a memorable trail of a falling promising star...  We wish her rest in peace with lots of love and cares.  Maybe we will see her next life spring up in bright new star someday...

To conclude this year, I and Team W&HM wish all a safe and happy and great 2016!!

Long Live Life, Freedom, and Love

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