Import Face-Off Import Model - Brittani Paige for Kuya Kreationz #IFO @msbrittanipaige @Kuyakreationz

Super Popular Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Brittani Paige for Kuya Kreationz at Import Face-Off Fontana CA

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On a very sunny and bright Fontana morning, Our cover model Brittani Paige showed up beautifully at the Autoclub Speedway for her big appearance at the Import Face-Off (IFO).  We quickly raised our camera and wanted to take a half-hearted paparazzi shots of her.  However, she immediately told us that she is actually late for the show, because we were at a different show!  We were at the Mitsufest, which is right next to the IFO, but almost a mile away! 

Luckily  we followed her route in the afternoon, and caught her at the IFO show, right in the Kua Kreationz booth.  It's a very happy reunion and we took many pictures of her to make up the lost opportunity.

Brittani is always so perky and fun.  We moved around places to combat the relentless sun vs camera capabilities. She found cars, she found tents, she found wire fences.  There was always a big crowd following her (it's simply because she is cute and popular!) and she gave everybody a great chance to take pictures of her, sometimes ultra fashion poses, sometimes goofy poses, and sometimes just being herself... That's why we totally love her for being who she is no matter what it is, always!

We sure will see her a lot in the year 2016 and that would be a very good new year resolution!

Brittani Paige, Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model, for Kuya Kreationz, at Import Face Off Show

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