Cristal Aguirre for Spektrum Magazine at #Mitsufest Fontana 2015 @Cristal_Aguirre @SpektrumMag

 Sweet and Bright Cristal Aguirre Perfect with Spektrum Magazine Mitsu-ride at the Mitsufest 2015 Fontana, CA

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We met Cristal Aguirre many times, from the first time at the R1-Concepts, to the HIN Spektrum Magazine booth, and now back again at the Mitsufest with Spektrum Magazine again!  That was a great moment that we saw her at the show, because she was the one quarter of the model population there.

Cristal totally gave us her innocent smiles and sensual poses demonstrating her wonderful modeling talents.  Each eye cast and face movement would make a beautiful imagery on our camera. 

We even took the liberty to create some black and white version of the photos to enhance her brilliant modeling style.  We can only say that she is like a super model in many timeless pictures.

Spektrum Magazine is lifestyle magazine that contains all categories of fun, including art, fashion, travel, auto, and more.  In their "About Page", they have...

"The essential lifestyle and culture magazine, Spektrum Magazine brings the world together through all the things that make it amazing!
Spektrum Magazine devotes itself to bringing you coverage of all things that make life awesome. From the sounds of your favorite bands, to the taste of your favorite dish, to sights of your favorite artists, Spektrum keeps its fingers on the pulse of entertainment and brings you along for the ride."
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Cristal Aguirre for Spektrum Magazine 

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