Models at the Nurotag Show / Eibach HQ Meet by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Nurotag Los Angeles 2015 and Eibach Headquarter Car Show Models 

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) / W&HM Staff

Nurotag Los Angeles has been an interesting car show.  Based on our 2014 coverage, we see it as a more pure car enthusiasts' gathering and providing their support to the custom car community under one roof.

This year it carries the tradition and stepped up one notch, by combining the Nurotag Los Angeles with the Eibach Headquarter car show together, hosting the a variety of cool cars and nice rides.

Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum, traveled high and low and brought back for us from Corona the car highlight coverage here:

Together with the cars, Clinton also included several true to life captures of the models showing up at the show as well!  Here they are...

Sydney Maler for Toyo Tires 

Jenna Lane 

Rachel Kelley 

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