Highly Seasonal Red Color by Garrett on Bear Dellinger at SEMA 2015 @BearDellinger

Bear Dellinger with Garrett Just in Time With Seasonal Red Theme Brand Color at SEMA 2015

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Bear Dellinger, a gorgeous model, a skillful race driver, and a reality bright star, has graced the Garrett booth in SEMA 2015, generating a lot of publicity as well as attention at the show!

Garrett's brand main theme color is the eye catching red, which is perfect for their red hot turbocharger lines.  The hot and blood-pumping performance product would raise anybody's heart rate.

Bear Dellinger is very excited to be working together with Garrett, especially she is deep into racing competitions and can't stop talking about cars and parts and hardware.  Bear is a true believer and practitioner of the metal religion of all race car related!

At the SEMA 2015 show, she gave us an exclusive video intro in our Instagram stream.  We highly appreciate this super talented model / driver / star and we look forward to seeing her more in the future for sure!!

Bear Dellinger 

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