Import Face-Off Import Models - Sparkling Jewelz, Altyssa Boulton and Alona Boulton #IFO

Import Face-Off Fontana 2015 Import Models Abundant!

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At the Import Face Off Car Show Fontana 2015, several import models showed up at the event, and brought the car show a softer and fun vibe.  Model in Talent Services had super sweet Charise Jeanine, as well as the leggy Sparkling Jewelz and the Boulton Girls near the grand stand of the drag racing venue.

Through out the show, these girls have occupied many of the model photographers and fans at the show and enhanced the import scene atmosphere!  Here are some quick recap of three models from the show:

The Boulton Sisters - 

Alona Boulton

Alyssa Boulton 

Sparkling Jewelz

Group Shot!

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