LA Autoshow 2015 Lexus Brand Ambassador Jenny Ladner in Perfect Lighting

Beautiful Model Jenny Ladner at LA Autoshow South Hall Atrium

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At one of our visit to LA Autoshow, it was late a the evening, and we did not expect a whole lot of people to show up.  Just when we were about the exit the South Hall, our eyes lit up and saw a beautiful and familiar face at the Atrium.  Jenny Ladner, a wonderful model, were at the Lexus display section.

Jenny Ladner impressed us from the first time we covered her at the SEMA show a couple of years back.  For some reason, we always thought that she is a Las Vegas based model.  She laughed and told us that it's probably because that's where we always found her.  Jenny is a very Los Angeles based model, and we are happy to hear that!

From the highly professionally done lighting setup, Jenny had a glowing look with the glamorous hair light in the back, and frame this awesome model perfectly!

Into 2016, we are looking forward to seeing more of this gorgeous model in various events, hopefully more closely than the off location like Las Vegas!

Jenny Ladner

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