More SEMA Models That Impressed Us in SEMA 2015!

More SEMA Models in The 2015 SEMA Show / W&HM Staff
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At the SEMA 2015 show, among the SEMA models that we met, we were excited to see some of our old friends that we have known in the industry for many years.  It's also a great opportunity to meet new faces at the show to learn who may be the next super star in the rising!

First off, we were very happy to see Natalia Marie at the show for the Wheel-Warehouse Group.  Then there were many that we did not know their names but equally impressive at the show.

Again, the sheer presence of these SEMA Models in the wheels and tires companies, is a major marketing force that should not be overlooked at each year's SEMA show.

There will be more, actually a lot more SEMA models to be covered through out the year end and new  year 2016.  Definitely stay tuned for more coverage while enjoying our model features in the W&HM Heels section.

ARH (American Racing Headers) Model

Jennifer Nguyen for Winjet

Laufenn Tire Models

Wheel Warehouse Model

Natalia Marie for Wheel Warehouse

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