Elyse Iona, Josie Navejas and Bee Barajas at Al & Ed's Autosound in LA Autoshow 2015

The Models at Al & Ed's Autosound Are Totally Impressive!

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Besides the earlier report of our cover models Nicole and Arley in the Al & Ed's Autosound in LA Autoshow 2015, here are more from the same booth with strong forces as well.

We recently did a feature of our awesome cover model, Elyse Iona.  The fashion model style talent is always a great treat for us at shows. She not only could give us a fun pose, but also some serious fashion moments as well.  And to learn more about her latest is like a wonderful trip to south of Orange County with a rosy flowery vision.  It's simply beautiful!

We also made acquaintance of new models (on our book), Josie Navejas and Bee Barajas.  Both of them posses the quiet power of being beautiful and they look perfect at the spot!  We sure hope to see them more in the future in various shows!

Elyse Iona

Josie Navejas 

Bee Barajas

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