HIN LA 2015 Brittany Brickner, Courtney Simmons, Amber Rice for Vertini and Stance Wheels

Brittany Brickner
for Vertini Wheels

Beautiful Curvaceous Models Brittany Bricker, Courtney Simmons, and Amber Rice at the Vertini and Stance Booth in HIN 2015 Los Angeles 

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www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Back in September 2015, Hot Import Nights (HIN) Los Angeles was held at the streets of San Pedro downtown.  In highly festive settings, it transformed a seemingly village-like town into a party big house.

Across several streets, showered by either the beautiful sunset or the festival hanging lights, the show definitely has that full blown import car show vibe in the air.

Courtney Simmons
for Vertini Wheels
Among the vendors at the show, Vertini and Stance wheels brought their house models to the show.  Both of the wheel vendors are known for their big presence of the models.

This time, Brittany Bricker and Courtney Simoons were a happy reunion at the show and we were simply thrilled to see them again!

In the coming of sunset, we found another model,  Amber Rice, at the spot. We heard that she has lots of exposure across many media formats.

Overall, the fun never stopped at the show, way till the wee hours of the night, marking another successful event at the HIN Los Angeles show.  With 2016 coming, we are looking forward to it again not too distant future...

Brittany Bricker

Courtney Simmons

Amber Rice

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