The S-Curves Of Charise Jeanine at The Import Face-Off Fontana 2015 @charisejeanine

Sweet Charise Jeanine Posed Fashionably at the Import Face-Off Fontana 2015

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We were pleasantly surprised to see the sweet Charise Jeanine at the Import Face-Off Fontana 2015 car show.  Charise has been a super sweet model that is making her name in the modeling world.  This time, she came back to the familiar ground and brought her fashion fantastic style to the show as well!

At the show, Charise was very popular and many of the photographers would be taking pictures of her by a car, around a car, or without a car.  The S-curves that she created totally brought the refreshing styles to the show and she made them look majestic, and at the same time fun.  We look forward to seeing Charise many more times in the coming year!

Charise Jeanine 

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