#Nissfest Fontana 2015 Gamma Motors Model - Crystal Mendez in Awesome Black and White

Our Feature Model Crystal Mendez Showed Her High Fashion Style in Black & White at Nissfest 2015

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

At the Nissfest 2015 Fontana, Gamma Motors is an expertise in the performance enhancements of high sports cars in Nissan and Infiniti.  With the muscular and shiny metallic engine block on display, and several of their show cars proudly surrounding the space, Gamma Motors topped them all with our feature model Crystal Mendez.

Crystal Mendez is a highly sought after model where her presence is always generating a great buzz.  Behind the beautiful and ultra-glam appearance, Crystal has a high aesthetic taste, and loves strong style and high concepts.  We had the wonderful opportunities to work with her and created some of the most stunning works together.

Here at the Nissfest, we took an unusual approach and made the photos of Crystal black and white.  They totally show the dramatic style that Crystal excels on.  Each photo is like a magazine editorial picture, even the photos were taken in the high noon of the day!

In 2016 we see Crystal to fly even higher in her career and make greater achievements!  We cannot wait!

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