Bikinis Are Hotter Without Water, 2013 #Spocom @diamondzaang

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Bikinis were invented with great reasons!  They accentuate a female form with focused attention on beauty.  They liberated women from unnecessary garments and excessive restrictions. They gave a great canvas to be creative and experimental.  And all of these great reasons, there is no mentioning the need of liquid at all.  They are simply art pieces on female art forms to create artistic expressions to entice their audience and themselves.

At the 2013 Spocom Super Show Anaheim, the venue was held at the Anaheim Convention Center (as will the 2014 Super Show too.)  Thank goodness that the indoor setting did not deter these wonderful models to create their own arts for us to appreciate and to capture.

At top, Diamond Zaang gave us a sweet smile,and the Moezart photography models storm-trooped the show with an array of amazing models.  And there are a lot more in this art!  

7 Days to 2014 Formula DRIFT Long Beach Season Opener!!

You don't want to miss this awesome event!  With tons of coverage from our magazine in the past, this 11th year event will be bigger and greater!  It's only 7 days left before the awesome event!

Here is the web site:
Buy ticket:

To see our tons of past coverage:

Black is Always The New Black, 2013 #Spocom with @MelyssaGrace @itsashleycee @marissahiroko @siraykong

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At 2013 Spocom Anaheim, there were many gorgeous and glamour models.  Various colors of wardrobe choices were flying off in the big Anaheim Convention Center across model lounges and different vendor spaces.  However, the one stood out most is still the color (or actually non-color) black.  It makes everybody looks good, and especially these awesome models!

Melyssa Grace

Our amazing cover model here for R1 Concepts created a firestorm at the Spocom show with her sheer appearance and super magnetic superstar power.

Sandra Wong - Wheels and Heels Mag Print Edition Issue 14 Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our magazine's print edition Issue 14 cover model Sandra Wong is not your average import model, by far.  If we may say so, Sandra is the utmost model of an import model should be.  She is gorgeous, both inside and out, with strong sense of style.  She is intelligent, knowing the value of education and wisdom of life.  She is personable, making friends and outreaching to people in the industry.  Sandra is hard working.  Many times, she is the first model at the venues that allowed us to capture wonderful pictures of her.  She is professional, hardly mixing personal life with business.  And there are a lot more that we can praise this amazing and awesome model!  We are very proud and happy to have Sandra as our cover model!

Ultra Glam and Super Tech, @EricaNagashima and Models Brought Beauty and Elegance to 2014 Formula Drift Tech Day by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Irvine, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - Our sage photographer has brought us the awesome coverage of 2014 Formula Drift Tech Day.  Formula Drift Tech Day is an event that the FD officials inspects the race cars for their mods and safety, but it also provided a venue for the mod car enthusiasts to bring their own cars to share their loves and aim for the cover search title.  With all the hard and techie talking and settings, there came Erica Nagashima, and other models.  

Erica is a super awesome Hankook Tires and promotional model.  You would be instantly attracted to her and move your feet toward her by her sheer beauty.  Then you start to raise your camera and press that shutter button, she is already with an amazing pose ready for your camera clicks.  Then you start to talk to her, you would pleasantly find that she is not like most other models.  She actually talks to you, jokes with you, and casting a bright and fun aura around you.  By the end of the encountering, you would be mesmerized by that wow experience and want to follow her on instagram.  That's what we call a ultimate promotional model!
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