Auto Fair Grounds Model Coverage with @miss_brittani_paige @xoxo_kairidreme @mariia_doll @mariia_doll by @calibre68


Torrance, CA, Photos by +Clinton Lum , Text by W&HM - With the great contribution from our sage photographer, Clinton Lum, we had a great coverage of both the awesome models and the cars at the Auto Fair Grounds!

With the showing of R1-Concepts Models, Brittani Paige and Kairi Dreme, the show already established the fan bases for the show.  Plus models like Maria Sosa and Arianna Noelle, as well as many others more, the show was definitely a great one, especially in the hot So-Cal Summer-like sun and weather.  

There were many + many cars at the event, and Clinton has covered most if not all of them!  Here is the link to the full article: 

Let's see a lot more of Clinton's coverage of the models in this fun event!

The super famous with her super stardom, Brittani Paige has garnished a substantial amount of attendees to the event.  We are talking about star power here!  R1 Concepts is always visionary, having the industry very awesome models for their promotions.  Brittani just came back from Taiwan about a month ago, and she is traveling all over the states already.  She is definitely a busy bee!  We have a 3 years coverage of this awesome beauty recently.  It's definitely worth checking out here:

Kairi Dreme is the other awesome model for R1 Concepts.  Her glamour look with her sparkling eyes definitely made the R1 Concepts brand looks extra shiny!  We sure hope to see her more in future events!

Maria Sosa and Arianna Noelle have given the cars around them a great treatment.  We have to say that the red car and their black tops are a great touch for the Extreme Autowerks logo, black and red!  Good work, or shall we say good werks!!  Both of them definitely brought the glamour to the car show where the glamour is part of.  Kudos to them!

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