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Brittani Paige

(Photo by the awesome +Clinton Lum for Wheels and Heels Magazine)

If you have not met Brittani Paige in person, then meeting her should be on your bucket list.  Brittani is a very true person, a genuine friend, and a totally awesome model with unbounded creativity and natural amazing talents.

If you look through her fan page or IG profile, you will find it like reading a Sunday newspaper, with celebrity (herself) updates, humors, latest world news, and occasionally weather report too, plus car show coupons.  She is a person that lives her full life with 200% passion in it.

This amber-green-eyed gorgeous model, has an equally beautiful heart and an as clear mind in an awesome self in her.  Brittani's sparkling eyes would be the first you see in her, and would be the forever in your memories as well.  They emit bright, perky and speaking emotions of hers.  Beyond the mesmerizing eyes, Brittani is has that amazing look that totally make every photo a great photo!  But she does not stop just there and simply stood there being pretty, she has a creative mind and a playful style that make each encounter a new experience.  We can honestly say that there aren't that many models in all our coverage would or could do that.  She separates herself from the rest of the pack in so many ways.  At the same time, she is such a wonderful person inside who has lots of love for family, friends, and life.  Through her mindful eyes, she sees the world, she embraces the life, and she tastes the precious moments.  That is very awesome!

Brittani Paige is a very hard working model.  The first year she started modeling, she was immediately summoned to the supreme SEMA show.  Throughout the years, she worked tirelessly in so many shows and events, that we cannot even keep up with.  Her hard work and awesome personality has won her a huge fan following and earned many great friends.  Nowadays she is traveling extensively, going to states and states, crossing international borders, jet-setting her well deserved stardom around the world.  We saw the same great potentials and talents the first time we met her back in 2012 Formula Drift Long Beach, as well as today with her busy schedule and super popularity.  The only difference is that she is fulfilling her awesomeness now!  We totally tip our hat to this amazing super model and look forward to seeing her in many high profile magazines and more!

So, next time you are seeing her appearances in an event near you, don't skip the opportunity to meet this amazing young lady and awesome talented model!

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Brittani Paige Event Coverage...

2014 Auto Fair Grounds, Torrance, CA - Photos by  +Clinton Lum 



2014 HxWxV Model Meet, San Gabriel, CA - Photos and Text by Py

We welcome the return of Brittani Paige, who went on a month-long international business trip to Asia. There were many + many of her fans that could not stop taking pictures and talking with her. Guess everybody missed her and very glad to see her coming back to the warm southern California!

2013 LA International Autoshow, Los Angeles, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - When you have our cover model Arley Elizabeth and Brittani Paige, you know you will have great promotional actions at your space. The super creative and fun and awesome and gorgeous model duo has endless fun either in front of cameras, or people, or even just by themselves.

At the Al & Ed's Autosound, as the front and first vendor space at the Kentia Hall Aftermarket Space in the LA Autoshow, the first eye catching feature of the space are the two cool models, and then a full row of cool cars. Keep reading and you will see... :-)

They are such a wonderful duo that even poking fun faces are synchronized!Brittani never ceases to amaze us.


2013 Formula Drift, Irwindale, CA - Photos by +Clinton Lum , @calibre68 

Brittani Paige was being playful and kicked the gear at a different level. It's a great combination and also a great work by the Rehv's Clothing!

2013 HIN Fontana, Fontana, CA - Photos by Clinton Lum +Clinton Lum @Calibre68

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - R1-Concepts has the right concepts of hiring the industry's hottest rising stars, Amber Alvarez and Brittani Paige. Both are super fun to shoot with, absolutely gorgeous, and hardly a dull moment! Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has brought us some of the snapshots of these two lovely ladies.

2013 DUB Show Anaheim, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 

Brittani Paige has established herself as a super cool, wonderfully creative model with a super networking talent. She has given R1 Concepts booth a lot of media opportunities! We simply love her!

2013 R1-Concept Open House, La Habra, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is one of the most fun models in the car show promotional industry. Talking about brain, beauty, and brightness, she is definitely a triple-threat talent! In fact, she is so genius, we were able to create TWO narratives purely based on the RANDOM photos that we took at the awesome R1 Concepts Open House event. Let's see just how super-amazing she is!!

Brittani was holding one of living California treasure, In N' Out burger! She was totally happy that lunch's finally here!

Then came Big Abe, a tug of In N' Out bag war broke out... but,

Brittani prevailed at the end, and reclaimed her almost lost lunch, with pure excitement and overjoy!

And now she has a picture to prove it too! Great job Brittani!

Now all things settled down... "What can I do now?????" said Brittani to herself...

Here came another idea... "Hmm, what's in my hand now?!"

"Haha, see what I am going to do to Melyssa!" Oops, instantly caught on W&HM's camera!!

Okay, kids, don't believe all things on the internet. The above stories are purely concatenated by our overworked copywriter. They were actually all unrelated and non-sequenced photos. But it's pretty brilliant, isn't it? :-)

Also, it demonstrated how cool and fun Brittani is. Next time, definitely stop by and chat with her. You might build your own stop-motion style stories with her brilliance!

BIG NOTE: Big Abe actually is a super friendly and very cool guy! He was just acting with Brittani for the photo op above. Always a great guy!!

Then we cannot overlook how gorgeous she is as well. Like we said, Brittani's brain, beauty, and brightness are pure awesomeness!

2013 Extreme Autofest San Diego - Photos and Text by Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

San Diego, CA - The experience of photo shooting Brittani Paige proves one key truth of model photography: it takes a good model to make pictures. At the Extreme Autofest San Diego, at the the golden sunset time, in loud DJ spinning music, she effortlessly gave us her beauty essences and pure personality.

2013 Spocom Anaheim CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 


2013 Autocon, Arcadia, CA - Photos and Text by Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - We've seen Brittani Paige many times in the past events. Yet, she never failed us at every event to show her genius modeling talents.

You can call her an interactive-performance-self-starter style model. When she sees you, she would immediately create an invisible bond that makes you want to come over and talk to her to catch up with her on what's the latest news feeds. Super interactive!

Then, she would give you fantastic photo-ops that you just cannot stop clicking your camera. And she would not stop giving you those variety-is-the-spice-of-life kind of poses and expressions. Amazing performances!

Then she is so creative that she would use anything at hand to act on, generating different looks, or conversations or interactions. If there is nothing at hand, she uses her cute, beautiful, cool, loud, spicy, or simply unconventional gesture. Never a boring moment! Not many models can be so self-starting!

Many kudos Brittani!! Keep up the good work!! Far and high, we see you!

2013 Extreme Autofest Anaheim, Anaheim, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 

Brittani Paige is the female batman and looking sooo cute!!

2013 E3, Los Angeles, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

Beckie Joon (above right, left) and Brittani Paige (below) were such high-spirited models that the Hyperkin booth that we saw non-stop interaction and engagements with the crowd, and TV hosts. That's what we call great promotional models!


2013 Formula Drift Long Beach, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

Brittani Paige looks super good in the NOS uniform. It totally compliments her beautiful eyes!


2013 HIN Fontana, CA - Photos by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 



2012 SEMA, Las Vegas, NV - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is such a happy person at the JDM Sport booth, that you would get to feel her fun personality within 5 seconds when she hands you their giveaways. You should try it someday! :-)

And of course, she is totally gorgeous! :-)

We are very happy to see that JDM Sport is entering the big event for the first time! And they brought in the JDM Sport girls (from left to right, Lena Love, Brittani Paige, Jasmyn Skye, and Melyssa Grace) Wow!

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag  

2012 AugoGallery, Hunting Beach, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 

We have Brittani Paige's (below right) updated photo here... :-)

We met up the JDM Sport's awesome models (above left to right) Lena Love, Brittani Paige and Jasmyn Skye. They are always so much fun to shoot with, and no exception here, with their individual interpretations of a fun time! Shall we call them the Three V-nesses? (You have to figure out yourself which 3 Vs are there...)

2012 HIN Los Angeles, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is just sooo cute and sweet in photo and in person. Jasmyn Skye (bottom left) is also super amicable!! Bravos and kudos!!

2012 Autocon Arcadia, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag

Arcadia, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige from JDM Sport, is such a diverse characteristic model that she can give you all kinds of different emotions and looks. From sultry above, to happy and alluring below...

And fashiony above to strong and bold and cool...

As well as dramatic and ecstatic, to friendly and cuddly! Great job Brittani!
Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Super soaker fun!

Then Brittani reverse the soaker with a bird...

Love Lena + Brittani Paige + Jasmyn Skye = Photogenic Trio!!

2012 Nisei Week Showoff, Los Angeles, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Brittani Paige is hard to miss with her intense vibrant and loud red colors on her beautiful lips. Combined with the hot weather, she's making camera overheat in no time, when people were non-stop clicking the shutter buttons...

Well, the high temperature of the car hood is no helping to Brittani... But she outsmarted it..

Simply Awesome, Brittani!

2012 Extreme Dimensions Open House, Fullerton, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag 

Fullerton, CA (W&HM) - We caught Brittani Paige right before she entered the hot car scene. She is always so cool to our camera!

2012 Motion Auto Show, Long Beach, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag @wheelsandheelsmag

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Back in 2012 Motion Auto Show and Expo, Brittani gave us a four modes of herself. Very cool!

Then when she paired with Marissa Hiroko, it's doubling the pleasure!! 


2012 Formula Drift, Long Beach, CA - Photos and Text by +Py Wheelsandheelsmag , @wheelsandheelsmag 



Brittani is looking great even when she is not looking here...


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