Bikinis Are Hotter Without Water, 2013 #Spocom @diamondzaang

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Bikinis were invented with great reasons!  They accentuate a female form with focused attention on beauty.  They liberated women from unnecessary garments and excessive restrictions. They gave a great canvas to be creative and experimental.  And all of these great reasons, there is no mentioning the need of liquid at all.  They are simply art pieces on female art forms to create artistic expressions to entice their audience and themselves.

At the 2013 Spocom Super Show Anaheim, the venue was held at the Anaheim Convention Center (as will the 2014 Super Show too.)  Thank goodness that the indoor setting did not deter these wonderful models to create their own arts for us to appreciate and to capture.

At top, Diamond Zaang gave us a sweet smile,and the Moezart photography models storm-trooped the show with an array of amazing models.  And there are a lot more in this art!  

Amanda Vex at the show gave us a stunning first impression.

Amia Miley (below left) and Arika Sato were very popular at the model lounge.

Our cover model Brie Williams always shows off her super sultry, alluring, and awesome looks! (repost for the theme)

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