Ultra Glam and Super Tech, @EricaNagashima and Models Brought Beauty and Elegance to 2014 Formula Drift Tech Day by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Irvine, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM - Our sage photographer has brought us the awesome coverage of 2014 Formula Drift Tech Day.  Formula Drift Tech Day is an event that the FD officials inspects the race cars for their mods and safety, but it also provided a venue for the mod car enthusiasts to bring their own cars to share their loves and aim for the cover search title.  With all the hard and techie talking and settings, there came Erica Nagashima, and other models.  

Erica is a super awesome Hankook Tires and promotional model.  You would be instantly attracted to her and move your feet toward her by her sheer beauty.  Then you start to raise your camera and press that shutter button, she is already with an amazing pose ready for your camera clicks.  Then you start to talk to her, you would pleasantly find that she is not like most other models.  She actually talks to you, jokes with you, and casting a bright and fun aura around you.  By the end of the encountering, you would be mesmerized by that wow experience and want to follow her on instagram.  That's what we call a ultimate promotional model!

Together with Erica is Maureen Chen, who we haven't seen for a little while, probably our schedules are like two orbiting planets that only see each other once in a while.  Nonetheless, Maureen is as refreshing and gorgeous as always.

Janey B was at the event as well autographing her posters and pictures.  We definitely look forward to seeing her in future events, many future events!

Our sage photographer Clinton Lum brought back tons + tons of photos from the event.  Definitely check them out these beautifully captured and brilliantly presented mod car photos!

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