Ultra Cool Kuya Model Expo 2014 Models Serena Su, and Tina Cha, @SerenaSu and @Nicotina_

La Habra, CA, by W&HM - There are many cool models at the 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2.  Spocom is always having the leading awesome edge models at their booth in various events.  Serena Su is a very fine example of a great model at the great booth here.  Over the year, Serena has grown into a confident and strong model in the import modeling scene.  We first saw her at the Wekfest event in Long Beach back in May last year (2013).  She was a bit shy in front of the camera.  Now she has emerged as a strong and confident model who is ready to be one of the top models in the import scene.  When asked how she maintain her amazing figure and looking in her best all the time, she said that consistency in exercise is the key.  She noted that you must keep pushing yourself to exercise, and after 30 days, your body and mind become automatic about the routine and it's not a choir any more.  We definitely see a great example here!!

This is the first time we met Tina Cha.  She is definitely a great addition to the import scene.  Her refreshing look and elegant curves would garner a lot of attention wherever she shows up either at a booth, by a table, next to a car, or just walking around at the expo.  We anticipate that she will be gracing more shows in the future and we sure will bring more coverage of her to you.

Serena Su looks amazing at the Spocom booth...

And stunning by a car...
(name removed) is always a great model to see in person!


Tina Cha totally rocked the expo to a high gear!


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