Amber Alvarez - Super Energeic and Creative Awesome Model @danngamber


Amber Alvarez

If you ask anyone who has met Amber at any events that she attended, how to describe this awesome model, most likely you will hear, "energetic", "perky", "happy", "wow", "big smiles",... Pretty much you get the idea that this crystal-translucent-beautiful-eye model would give you 200% of what other models can give you in your camera.  Every time we shoot with Amber, she is always so fun and creative, like she has never ending energy in her body.  It just makes her a perfect promotional model!

R1-Concepts have long seen Amber's great potential and hired her as one of their brand models.  She has appeared in many events with R1-Concepts and definitely brought a big crowd every time, and lots of great pictures across the web too.  Great job R1-Concepts and Amber!  And don't forget that Amber is an amazing go-go dancer that got her into many gigs including the international trips to Asia.  Her dance moves are simply hypnotic.  With the heart-pounding music, she is a super dancing star on the stage!!

Amber loves to travel, more specially, travel to Asia.  Once she was on a go-go dancing tour to Taiwan and stayed there for more than a month.  She loved it.  When she came back, she got a foreign home sick and wanted to go back again.  And her dream came true that she went back around the end of 2013, and had a great time there.  We think that her international style and observant personality makes her a great world travel for sure!  It also says that she a great heart and keen mind that she can assimilate to the local culture with "#nofilter" and gets connected to the deeper level of people, scenery, objects and the vibes where she is at.  That's a great kudo to Amber!

Contact Info:

IG: danngamber

Event Coverage:

2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 for R1-Concepts, La Habra, CA - Photos by Py

2013 AutoGallery, Huntington Beach, CA - Photos by Py

2013 AutoGallery, Huntington Beach, CA - Photos by Py

Huntington Beach, CA (W&HM) - We were not sure how many times we've met Amber Alvarez before. Maybe it's only a few fingers count that we can recall, one being that she was with R1-Concepts at the Spocom Super Show this year. Back then her unique bright smile really matched our overexposed flash light on her. We were not sure if it's actually our flash went overdrive, or it's her sparkling personality that pushed the light sensor to the extreme in our camera. Anyway, Amber is back again and we are very happy to meet her again. This time, we were able to properly adjust our equipment to match her awesome presence.

Amber has a big heart and a mega caliente passion for life that we can readily tell. Photo shooting with her and about her was like catching a genius child figuring out math puzzles. One second she is formal and next second she broke out her radiant and hearty smile on you as if she solved an impossible equation!

And we have not mentioned her playfulness at events. She is always like a kid in the candy store, that anything can be fun and any situation is for play. That's the essence of a bright promotional model's secret. Take job seriously, but take life playfully. Our hat's off to Amber and look forward to seeing her more in the future!

2013 Bright Star Amber Alvarez for R1 Concepts Open House - Photos by Py

La Habra, CA (W&HM) - If you have met Amber Alvarez in person, you would not just be mesmerized by her speaking and sparkling eyes, you would also be super impressed by the happy and fun personality that she shows in every minute, or even seconds. Whenever you do a nano-shoot with her at a show, you would definitely get some really cool shots of her. Her smiles are definitely as bright, if not brighter, than those hi power halogen lights. At the R1 Concepts, she's one of the three official R1 Concepts girls at the show, together with Melyssa Grace, and Brittani Paige. And not only she does a great job in posing to cameras, she is also a talented go-go dancer, which she demonstrated her talent at the show as well. You would be able to take a glimpse of her at the end of our R1 Concepts Open House video short.

2013 HIN Fontana, CA - Photos by Clinton Lum

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - R1-Concepts has the right concepts of hiring the industry's hottest rising stars, Amber Alvarez and Brittani Paige. Both are super fun to shoot with, absolutely gorgeous, and hardly a dull moment! Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has brought us some of the snapshots of these two lovely ladies.  Now let the pictures speak themselves...

2013 Spocom, Anaheim, CA