Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez and Alexia Cortez at the 2013 @Spocom @turbojenna @ariannaaamarieee @alexiacortez


Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The car show season grand opening is fast approaching with many shows coming up in April.  Before the flood gate open and we get swamped in the event reporting, we want to bring up the attention that the first Spocom show this year will be at San Francisco (more geographically correct, Richmond, CA 94804.)  Spocom is always an amazing show to attend.  We want to show more photos from the 2013 Spocom Anaheim to prove the point.

We have many reports already of the event, but we really just scratched the surface.  In the next few days, we will show you more reasons that you may want to consider going to the Spocom show this year!

To start off, we have Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez, and Alexia Cortez here...

Jenna Trujillo

Jenna has that very photogenic look and she is such a camera and crowd magnet!  Whenever she poses for a camera, there are 10 more showing up right next.  Her friendly personality totally makes her a wonderful promotional ambassador for any companies and vendors at any event!


Marie Alvarez and Alexia Cortez

Marie Alvarez (brunette) and Alexia Cortez (blonde) are the dynamic duo at the Spocom show.  They were super busy with their fans, as both of them are very well known and have their respective large fan bases.  Their combined star powers definitely made the booth a traffic jam spot.


So mark your calendar that May 10th, which is a Saturday, the great Spocom show will be at the northern California, Richmond for their opening show!

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