Black is Always The New Black, 2013 #Spocom with @MelyssaGrace @itsashleycee @marissahiroko @siraykong

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At 2013 Spocom Anaheim, there were many gorgeous and glamour models.  Various colors of wardrobe choices were flying off in the big Anaheim Convention Center across model lounges and different vendor spaces.  However, the one stood out most is still the color (or actually non-color) black.  It makes everybody looks good, and especially these awesome models!

Melyssa Grace

Our amazing cover model here for R1 Concepts created a firestorm at the Spocom show with her sheer appearance and super magnetic superstar power.

Ashley Clark

The wholesome and friendly Dayuum model has that bright smile that makes everybody's day brightened up and camera goes home happy.
Ashley Clark

Marissa Hiroko

The fashionable and fashion-savvy model always maintains an awesome aura around her that intrinsically emits the gorgeous beauty inside her.


Siray Kong

This gorgeous and popular import model definitely stopped the traffic in front of her just by simply giving the pose she did here.  She has that forever intensity that you want to capture to no end!

Nicole Leigh

The Spocom model lounge has a soft box personality that can make you feel at ease, happy together with her beautiful presence.

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