2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 Brie Williams, Ashley Clark, Lilly Evans, and More @brie_tard @ashhhhcee @lillyevans_ @spocom_show

LA Habra, CA, by W&HM - Continuing the coverage of the 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 in R1 Concepts with our print magazine cover model Brie Williams (above) at the Spocom booth.  As we mentioned before, Spocom always have amazingly talented models in their booth.  Brie is definitely a wonderful example, as she not only can do fashion looks, her casual throws of her hands, or projections of her eyes, or just standing there effortlessly, would all create that alluring looks that many photographers find uber beautiful and refreshing!

Ashley Clark is a totally awesome model, here at the Dayuum booth.Ashley is always so sunny and bright and her great American look can put anyone at ease and wanted to give her a big hug as a good old friend!  Recently Ashley has great news about her personal growth in her career.  We are super happy for her and we always root for her as she works so tirelessly and so dedicated!!  Our hats off to her!!

Rachel Centollela has re-emerged to the car show scene and we totally welcome her!  She had gone through many changes and her modeling is becoming much more seasoned along the way!  Definitely check out the new inks that she adorned on her.  They are gorgeous and mastery!

Brie Williams is always so sultrily gorgeous!  We always say "wow" each time we see her!

Ashley Clark and Serena Su could be super fun when they meet each other!
It's great to see Jelly Ranger again at the show.  She always makes a presence felt to the show attendees as well as the cameras!  Awesome!

Lilly Evans is such a wonderful model!  She is becoming much more comfortable about modeling, and is now super expressive and fun and confident about it!  We totally applaud her growth, her presence and her playfulness!

Yari Venssaa is the dark horse in the show that came out of nowhere in our sight and immediately attracted our camera lens and focal point.  her slender and leggy look makes her stood out of the crowd, figuratively speaking and literally too!

Rachel Centollela has a passion for modeling, as well as for life and fun and self-expression.  her spectacularly-colored hair style and her newly added ink works totally shout the great self within her.  That's awesome!
Melissa Drew showed up with a very cool beanie hat, and a stylish jacket and sporty sneakers, make her look like an indie movie star in Aspen Colorado walking to the movie theater in the Sundance festival.  Her slightly guarded space between herself and our camera signals a smart model's first move.  However, it does not shield the cool factors of her modeling look, and true-to-self expressions with her smiles.  And of course, we love the bright red hair look.  That's one great job that is very well done!  Keep it up Melissa!

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