Sandra Wong - Wheels and Heels Mag Print Edition Issue 14 Cover Model

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our magazine's print edition Issue 14 cover model Sandra Wong is not your average import model, by far.  If we may say so, Sandra is the utmost model of an import model should be.  She is gorgeous, both inside and out, with strong sense of style.  She is intelligent, knowing the value of education and wisdom of life.  She is personable, making friends and outreaching to people in the industry.  Sandra is hard working.  Many times, she is the first model at the venues that allowed us to capture wonderful pictures of her.  She is professional, hardly mixing personal life with business.  And there are a lot more that we can praise this amazing and awesome model!  We are very proud and happy to have Sandra as our cover model!

When we first met Sandra back in the 2012 HIN Pomona, Sandra Wong already exhibited her star model quality with her dazzling smiles.  We knew that she would be a great model if she should pursue this avenue.  And we are very happy that she did.  She came to the import modeling world with full passion and 300 horsepower!  She attended many + many car shows in the last two years, garnered a spot in our top two most covered models in the magazine.
This year, we had an opportunity to work with her to help promote the opening of 2014 Redline Time Attack season competition.  She looks extra cute in a white shirt and a red pleaded short skirt!

However, all the glamour aside, it does not hide the fact that Sandra Wong is a hard working person in both her academic pursue and modeling business endeavor.  With her full focus on whatever she does, she makes the best of her time and her life while enjoying lots of fun!

We highly applaud her firm grip on her future career direction and clearly set the right priority of school, work, hobby and leisure.  We think that she should open a seminar talking about her life approach and work ethics for sure!
We look forward to many appearances of Sandra Wong in future shows and events. This rocketing star will definitely leave bright and sparkling trails wherever she goes!

Definitely follow Sandra Wong at her Instagram: @officialsandrawong 


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