Endless Beauties at 2013 #Spocom Super Show with Erica Law, Hayle Cayaga, Bebe Layne, Wendy Lopez, Natalie Bee, Victoria Barajas

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Spocom Super Show is synonymous with cool cars, awesome vendors, and most important to us gorgeous models, many many of them.  It's incredible to have so many beauties with great quality and personalities to gather under one roof.  It's totally _the_ event for the import modeling!!

Besides those we have covered so far here, here are more!  Starting with Erica Law, and then followed by Hayle Cayaga, and Bebe Layne, Bianca, then Wendy Lopez, Natalie Bee, and Victoria Barajas.  It's totally amazing! Definitely check out the full article to see the full effects here!

Erica Law is so refreshing and glam by simply being herself.

We've never met Hayle Cayaga before, and we are certainly happy that we did at the Spocom Super Show!

Bebe Layne always rocks at import car modeling scenes!
Bianca who appeared for Spocom in various shows prior to the Super Show.  It's definitely great to see her again!

The petite Wendy Lopez packs a great punch of great personality and gorgeousness!
It's been a while that we last saw Natalie Bee since the NOS days, and it's awesome that she is coming back here!

Victoria Barajas at the HIN booth in Spocom Super Show, gave us a super cool shots that just makes you want more!


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