Conclusion of Model Coverage of 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2

La Habar, CA, by W&HM - The good time must end someday some how.  This is the last post of the very cool 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 at the R1 Concepts.  This year's expo is awesome and definitely has established a good track record that could only get bigger and stronger in the future!  We totally look forward to the next year's!

Lily Sangg (above) has been appearing in various shows more and more, and we are very impressed by her genuine smiles and a great job well done blonde hair look!

Beckie Joon(below left) and L'Amour Niggl (below right) and many cool models are included in this final coverage!

Beckie Joon can throw different expressions when you take more and more photos of her, showing her awesome creative side of modeling.

Shantal Tinajero was working side by side with Melyssa Grace and Amber Alvarez and they are the great R1 Concepts brand ambassadors!

Lily Sangg has that super bright smile with her all the time!

L'Amour Niggl showed off her amazing slender legs with total confidence!  Cool!

April Starr gave us a cute look in various ways.
Kayla Lien Tran is such a happy model!

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