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Torrance, CA, Photos by +Clinton Lum , Text by W&HM - With the great contribution from our sage photographer, Clinton Lum, we had a great coverage of both the awesome models and the cars at the Auto Fair Grounds!

With the showing of R1-Concepts Models, Brittani Paige and Kairi Dreme, the show already established the fan bases for the show.  Plus models like Maria Sosa and Arianna Noelle, as well as many others more, the show was definitely a great one, especially in the hot So-Cal Summer-like sun and weather.  

There were many + many cars at the event, and Clinton has covered most if not all of them!  Here is the link to the full article: 

Let's see a lot more of Clinton's coverage of the models in this fun event!

Brittani Paige - A Truly Genuine and Genius Model - Gigantic Pictorial Bio @miss_brittani_paige @calibre68

Brittani Paige

(Photo by the awesome +Clinton Lum for Wheels and Heels Magazine)

If you have not met Brittani Paige in person, then meeting her should be on your bucket list.  Brittani is a very true person, a genuine friend, and a totally awesome model with unbounded creativity and natural amazing talents.

If you look through her fan page or IG profile, you will find it like reading a Sunday newspaper, with celebrity (herself) updates, humors, latest world news, and occasionally weather report too, plus car show coupons.  She is a person that lives her full life with 200% passion in it.

This amber-green-eyed gorgeous model, has an equally beautiful heart and an as clear mind in an awesome self in her.  Brittani's sparkling eyes would be the first you see in her, and would be the forever in your memories as well.  They emit bright, perky and speaking emotions of hers.  Beyond the mesmerizing eyes, Brittani is has that amazing look that totally make every photo a great photo!  But she does not stop just there and simply stood there being pretty, she has a creative mind and a playful style that make each encounter a new experience.  We can honestly say that there aren't that many models in all our coverage would or could do that.  She separates herself from the rest of the pack in so many ways.  At the same time, she is such a wonderful person inside who has lots of love for family, friends, and life.  Through her mindful eyes, she sees the world, she embraces the life, and she tastes the precious moments.  That is very awesome!

Brittani Paige is a very hard working model.  The first year she started modeling, she was immediately summoned to the supreme SEMA show.  Throughout the years, she worked tirelessly in so many shows and events, that we cannot even keep up with.  Her hard work and awesome personality has won her a huge fan following and earned many great friends.  Nowadays she is traveling extensively, going to states and states, crossing international borders, jet-setting her well deserved stardom around the world.  We saw the same great potentials and talents the first time we met her back in 2012 Formula Drift Long Beach, as well as today with her busy schedule and super popularity.  The only difference is that she is fulfilling her awesomeness now!  We totally tip our hat to this amazing super model and look forward to seeing her in many high profile magazines and more!

So, next time you are seeing her appearances in an event near you, don't skip the opportunity to meet this amazing young lady and awesome talented model!

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Instagram: @miss_brittani_paige

Brittani Paige Event Coverage...

Huge Car Coverage of 2014 Auto Fair Grounds by Clinton Lum @calibre68


Definitely don't miss this great photo coverage by our sage photographer Clinton Lum, if you like to see the latest modified cars!

Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez and Alexia Cortez at the 2013 @Spocom @turbojenna @ariannaaamarieee @alexiacortez


Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The car show season grand opening is fast approaching with many shows coming up in April.  Before the flood gate open and we get swamped in the event reporting, we want to bring up the attention that the first Spocom show this year will be at San Francisco (more geographically correct, Richmond, CA 94804.)  Spocom is always an amazing show to attend.  We want to show more photos from the 2013 Spocom Anaheim to prove the point.

We have many reports already of the event, but we really just scratched the surface.  In the next few days, we will show you more reasons that you may want to consider going to the Spocom show this year!

To start off, we have Jenna Trujillo, Marie Alvarez, and Alexia Cortez here...

Conclusion of Model Coverage of 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2

La Habar, CA, by W&HM - The good time must end someday some how.  This is the last post of the very cool 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 at the R1 Concepts.  This year's expo is awesome and definitely has established a good track record that could only get bigger and stronger in the future!  We totally look forward to the next year's!

Lily Sangg (above) has been appearing in various shows more and more, and we are very impressed by her genuine smiles and a great job well done blonde hair look!

Beckie Joon(below left) and L'Amour Niggl (below right) and many cool models are included in this final coverage!
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