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LA Habra, CA, by W&HM - Continuing the coverage of the 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2 in R1 Concepts with our print magazine cover model Brie Williams (above) at the Spocom booth.  As we mentioned before, Spocom always have amazingly talented models in their booth.  Brie is definitely a wonderful example, as she not only can do fashion looks, her casual throws of her hands, or projections of her eyes, or just standing there effortlessly, would all create that alluring looks that many photographers find uber beautiful and refreshing!

Ashley Clark is a totally awesome model, here at the Dayuum booth.Ashley is always so sunny and bright and her great American look can put anyone at ease and wanted to give her a big hug as a good old friend!  Recently Ashley has great news about her personal growth in her career.  We are super happy for her and we always root for her as she works so tirelessly and so dedicated!!  Our hats off to her!!

Rachel Centollela has re-emerged to the car show scene and we totally welcome her!  She had gone through many changes and her modeling is becoming much more seasoned along the way!  Definitely check out the new inks that she adorned on her.  They are gorgeous and mastery!

Ultra Cool Kuya Model Expo 2014 Models Serena Su, Lily Zenna Wang and Tina Cha, @SerenaSu @LilyZennaWang and @Nicotina_

La Habra, CA, by W&HM - There are many cool models at the 2014 Kuya Model Expo 2.  Spocom is always having the leading awesome edge models at their booth in various events.  Serena Su is a very fine example of a great model at the great booth here.  Over the year, Serena has grown into a confident and strong model in the import modeling scene.  We first saw her at the Wekfest event in Long Beach back in May last year (2013).  She was a bit shy in front of the camera.  Now she has emerged as a strong and confident model who is ready to be one of the top models in the import scene.  When asked how she maintain her amazing figure and looking in her best all the time, she said that consistency in exercise is the key.  She noted that you must keep pushing yourself to exercise, and after 30 days, your body and mind become automatic about the routine and it's not a choir any more.  We definitely see a great example here!!

Lily Zenna Wang came all the way from Las Vegas to attend this fun and great event.  She is looking more and more amazing.  Lily always has bursts of fun moments and poses.  We definitely look forward to seeing her again soon!
This is the first time we met Tina Cha.  She is definitely a great addition to the import scene.  Her refreshing look and elegant curves would garner a lot of attention wherever she shows up either at a booth, by a table, next to a car, or just walking around at the expo.  We anticipate that she will be gracing more shows in the future and we sure will bring more coverage of her to you.

Amber Alvarez - Super Energeic and Creative Awesome Model @danngamber


Amber Alvarez

If you ask anyone who has met Amber at any events that she attended, how to describe this awesome model, most likely you will hear, "energetic", "perky", "happy", "wow", "big smiles",... Pretty much you get the idea that this crystal-translucent-beautiful-eye model would give you 200% of what other models can give you in your camera.  Every time we shoot with Amber, she is always so fun and creative, like she has never ending energy in her body.  It just makes her a perfect promotional model!

R1-Concepts have long seen Amber's great potential and hired her as one of their brand models.  She has appeared in many events with R1-Concepts and definitely brought a big crowd every time, and lots of great pictures across the web too.  Great job R1-Concepts and Amber!  And don't forget that Amber is an amazing go-go dancer that got her into many gigs including the international trips to Asia.  Her dance moves are simply hypnotic.  With the heart-pounding music, she is a super dancing star on the stage!!

Amber loves to travel, more specially, travel to Asia.  Once she was on a go-go dancing tour to Taiwan and stayed there for more than a month.  She loved it.  When she came back, she got a foreign home sick and wanted to go back again.  And her dream came true that she went back around the end of 2013, and had a great time there.  We think that her international style and observant personality makes her a great world travel for sure!  It also says that she a great heart and keen mind that she can assimilate to the local culture with "#nofilter" and gets connected to the deeper level of people, scenery, objects and the vibes where she is at.  That's a great kudo to Amber!

Raquel Estrella - A Great Vivacious Model with True Passion of Life @raquel_estrella


Raquel Estrella

Wherever you find Raquel Estrella, you would for sure find a crowd surrounding her.  She is a highly popular model especially in the import car modeling scene.  At 5'2", she packs a punch with her vivacious energy and illuminating personality.  Anyone comes to the vicinity of her presence would feel her cool vibes and naturally migrate to where she is at and see what's happening.

Raquel has been very active in the car modeling industry in 2012.  She has garnished her crown-ship with Miss Spocom 2012 and Miss Extreme Autofest San Diego 2012 as well as several print publications under her belt.  Her go-go dancing skills are totally awesome and mesmerizing.  We definitely see this bright star to shine her very cool talents and reach whatever goals she wants to achieve!

Contact Info: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1raquelestrella
Twitter: @Raquel_Estrella 
Instagram: @raqel_estrella 
MM: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1785284 

Event Coverage of Raquel Estrella:

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