Autocon LA 2016 Al & Ed's Autosound model Iona Looking Majestic! @aleds

Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Stood Tall and Gracefully at Al and Ed's Autosound 

Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Iona / W&HM Staff

At the Autocon LA 2016 show, we were so happy to see our print feature model Iona again, at the Al and Ed's Autosound booth!!

Al and Ed's Autosound has always been a great supporter of hiring local models for events.  In the past, they have our cover and feature models Arley, Brittany, and others in their show presence.  This time, it's Iona!

Iona as you a great memory of her from the past, she is such an amazing fashion model like model.  Each time we work with her, she is always creating our best works for us.  Her natural fashion inclination made her a super awesome talent in front of our camera, no matter during feature shoots or at shows.  Iona is one of the most amazing models that we worked with!!

You can find more of her from the past features in the link at the bottom of the article!

Autocon LA 2016 Official Models Sydney Maler Janey B Runa Lucienne and Nicole Leigh / W&HM Staff

Every year at the Autocon car show, the models at the official model lounge are always the center of focus for many fans of car show models.

Autocon always look for both the established and upcoming top models in the industry, and bring them together to their upfront and personal spot in front of the main stage.

This year, they have given us Sidney Maler, Janey B, Runa Lucienne, and Nicole Leigh, plus Tianna Gregory as the official models.

We had a great chance to take pictures of them individually, and the pictures simply speak for themselves why these cool models were at the official model lounge in Autocon.


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Autocon LA 2016 Stance Wheels Model Jessica Weaver, Our Awesome Cover Model! @JloveJlove11

Our cover model Jessica Weaver was the brightest star at the Stance Wheels booth in Autocon LA 2016

* / W&HM Staff *

It's always great to see Jessica Weaver, our cover model!  Every time, it's a warm and fun catch up.  Not only she can make you smile, she can make you smart too!

Of course, you would probably be blinded by the sheer beauty of Jessica on the first glace.  This ultra glamorous model has commanded the car show scene for years.

Now Jessica is also in a member of a million-followers club!  She is very well deserved for her selflessly sharing and fan affinity.

At the Stance Wheels booth, she was the only model who has the blond hair and was immediately an attraction to the booth.  Many people asked to take pictures of her, with her, or simply just a chance to meet this gorgeous star!

Autocon LA 2016 Official Model Tianna Gregory Created a Tsunami Crowd @_TiannaG

The mega IG super star Tianna Gregory created a storm at Autocon LA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Whenever you mention Tianna Gregory in a car show, it would generate a frenzy, and a big cloud of people will automatically form around the subject location, and sometimes it's even a tornado of people.

The petite but powerful model has commanded the IG platform with 3M followers and fast growing too.

At the Autocon LA 2016, Tianna is one of the official models at the show.  When she showed up at the event, there were waves of waves of people already crowding to welcome her.  The lucky few at the front of the line got a chance to meet her in the first come first serve base, and the rest were simply a long history of fan greeting and meeting and selfing.

Through out the session, you can tell that Tianna is really great to her fans.  The concentration of undivided attention that she gave to her fans was high to the degree of instant intoxication.

After the intense and hour plus long appearance, Tianna still maintained a great spirit and never gave up on her last fans to the end.  We are sure that this is one of the secret ingredients that she has to become the super star.

Autocon LA 2016 R1 Concepts Model Zara Park Dazzled The Show #zarapark

Fresh face Zara Park is on to being the it-girl of the year by her current trajectory path / W&HM Staff

Zara Park burst into the scene with her refreshing face, super long hair, tall lean figure, as well as her love of cars and racing.

Her appearances at various shows, big and small so far, are staggering.  It's like everywhere we point our camera, there she is.

You can also observe the stardom that she possess during the R1-Concepts booth appearance at the Autocon LA 2016 show.

Zara was animated, energetic, sometimes perky, and definitely friendly and fun.  She would not reject a picture op and always felt home with the hommies of the show model photographer community.

By this projection, Zara Park most certainly has earned her it-girl status for the first quarter of the year, and we look forward to seeing more of her for the rest as well!

Autocon LA 2016 Blaque Diamond Model Franchesca DC @franchescadc @BD_wheels / W&HM Staff

Whenever and wherever our cover model Franchesca DC is showing up, there is always a crowd surrounding her.  This time she is at the Blaque Diamond wholesale wheels company in the Autocon LA 2016 car show.

In her elegant and sexy dress, Franchesca DC was very popular and constantly busy posing with show attendees as well as photographers who admire her beauty and presence.

Right accompanying by Franchesca DC was an all white mustang with many cool mods.  The combination of the beauty and the beast created a perfect car show picture!

Blaque Diamond is a premium wheel wholesale company.  They have been in the market since 2009 and we are seeing that they are growing great with the evidence of prime spot in the Autocon LA 2016 show.  We definitely look forward to seeing them again as well as Franchesca DC in future events!
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