Bella and Emma for JDM Sport at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport

The beautiful inked JDM Sport girl Bella and her felllow model friend look extra gorgeous by the vintage Chevy from the Los Angeles Car Club, at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

At the ED car show, JDM Sport has done it again with big number of models at their space.

Here we have Bella and Emma, two very cool models.


We've met Bella in the past shows several times.  She always has that vivacious energy and engaging smiles for our camera.  Each time, the photos came out
simply frame-ready already.

At the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show in Fullerton this year, Bella again joined the JDM Sport team and brought a lot of fun time and happy vibes to the show.

At the show, Bella dressed in her JDM Sport red mini dress definitely
accentuated her lovely curves and bright smiles. She definitely gave a lot amazing pictures to all the photographers there.


Together with Bella was the relatively new model, Emma, to the car show, who definitely infuse the team with a different freshness and grace. Emma is a petite model and just started modeling last month.  Her sweet face and refreshing attitude have won many people's attentions throughout the show.

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