Autocon LA 2016 Official Models Sydney Maler Janey B Runa Lucienne and Nicole Leigh / W&HM Staff

Every year at the Autocon car show, the models at the official model lounge are always the center of focus for many fans of car show models.

Autocon always look for both the established and upcoming top models in the industry, and bring them together to their upfront and personal spot in front of the main stage.

This year, they have given us Sidney Maler, Janey B, Runa Lucienne, and Nicole Leigh, plus Tianna Gregory as the official models.

We had a great chance to take pictures of them individually, and the pictures simply speak for themselves why these cool models were at the official model lounge in Autocon.


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Runa Lucienne

Sidney Maler

Janey B

Nicole Leigh

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