Autocon LA 2016 #Vertini Wheels Models Courtney Simmons, Ashley Summer, and Amber Marie #autocon

Vertini Wheels brough several models that totally heated up the Autocon LA 2016 show / W&HM Staff

This year at the Autocon LA 2016, Vertini has brought out their staple and new models to the show.

Courtney Simmons and Ashley Summer dominated the scene, while Amber Marie showed off her awesome

Courtney Simmons and Ashley Summer

The two dynamic duo at the Vertini Wheels booth, gave many photographers a photo opportunity to have two beautiful models in one frame at the show.  the two in super black cut out T and cut out shorts, were definitely heating up the show booth several notches!

Amber Marie

Amber Marie has that self confidence that could be the photographer of pictures without a camera.  Her presence and commanding look would make strong and cool photos for any photographers.

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