Gorgeous Duo Nitto Tire Girls Courtney Riggs and Janey B at FDLB 2016 @CourtneyRiggs_ @Hello_Janey

We are very happy to see the new line up of the Nitto Tires umbrella girls!  Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B looking awesome!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

At the 2016 Formula Drift Long Beach event, we were super happy to see a new line up of the umbrella girls at the Nitto Tires booth!

The models were refreshing, friendly and totally awesome!  What a breath of new air we must say!

Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B at the stand to give out their
autographed posters to a long line of fans.

Courtney Riggs

The ultra glam Courtney Riggs stood gorgeous at the Nitto Tires with a bright smile that could light up the whole world inside anyone.  Her soft but intense gaze to you could melt your heart any time!  We definitely look forward to seeing her more in the future events at Nitto Tires!

Janey B

We met Janey B many times, and every time Jane is simply so awesome!  No matter she is posing for our camera, or demo'ing a complex product, or simply standing by a military tank, every time Jane just impressed us to no end... With all the appearances and exposures that she has garnered last year and this year, we know that Jane B is the "it girl" now for sure!

Courtney Riggs and Janet B together!

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