Autocon LA 2016 R1 Concepts Model Zara Park Dazzled The Show #zarapark

Fresh face Zara Park is on to being the it-girl of the year by her current trajectory path / W&HM Staff

Zara Park burst into the scene with her refreshing face, super long hair, tall lean figure, as well as her love of cars and racing.

Her appearances at various shows, big and small so far, are staggering.  It's like everywhere we point our camera, there she is.

You can also observe the stardom that she possess during the R1-Concepts booth appearance at the Autocon LA 2016 show.

Zara was animated, energetic, sometimes perky, and definitely friendly and fun.  She would not reject a picture op and always felt home with the hommies of the show model photographer community.

By this projection, Zara Park most certainly has earned her it-girl status for the first quarter of the year, and we look forward to seeing more of her for the rest as well!

Model Zara Park

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