Autocon LA 2016 Stance Wheels Model Jessica Weaver, Our Awesome Cover Model! @JloveJlove11

Our cover model Jessica Weaver was the brightest star at the Stance Wheels booth in Autocon LA 2016

* / W&HM Staff *

It's always great to see Jessica Weaver, our cover model!  Every time, it's a warm and fun catch up.  Not only she can make you smile, she can make you smart too!

Of course, you would probably be blinded by the sheer beauty of Jessica on the first glace.  This ultra glamorous model has commanded the car show scene for years.

Now Jessica is also in a member of a million-followers club!  She is very well deserved for her selflessly sharing and fan affinity.

At the Stance Wheels booth, she was the only model who has the blond hair and was immediately an attraction to the booth.  Many people asked to take pictures of her, with her, or simply just a chance to meet this gorgeous star!

Jessica Weaver Wheels and Heels Magazien Cover Model

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