Autocon LA 2016 Official Model Tianna Gregory Created a Tsunami Crowd @_TiannaG

The mega IG super star Tianna Gregory created a storm at Autocon LA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Whenever you mention Tianna Gregory in a car show, it would generate a frenzy, and a big cloud of people will automatically form around the subject location, and sometimes it's even a tornado of people.

The petite but powerful model has commanded the IG platform with 3M followers and fast growing too.

At the Autocon LA 2016, Tianna is one of the official models at the show.  When she showed up at the event, there were waves of waves of people already crowding to welcome her.  The lucky few at the front of the line got a chance to meet her in the first come first serve base, and the rest were simply a long history of fan greeting and meeting and selfing.

Through out the session, you can tell that Tianna is really great to her fans.  The concentration of undivided attention that she gave to her fans was high to the degree of instant intoxication.

After the intense and hour plus long appearance, Tianna still maintained a great spirit and never gave up on her last fans to the end.  We are sure that this is one of the secret ingredients that she has to become the super star.

Tianna Gregory Model

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