Sweet Autocon LA 2016 Model Brittany Brickner @brittbrixx

Brittany Brickner looking awesome at the SET Motorsports Booth in Autocon LA 2016

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Brittany Brickner is always so vivacious and energetic.  Each time we see her at an event, she sends out lots of positive vibes that we immediate feel them.

At the Autocon LA 2016 car show, Brittany was with the SET Motorsports company.  The cool car behind Brittany is an Infiniti G35, Jezebel, a purple and totally awesome car with Powered by RPM.

You can get some glimpses of the car by google "purple g35 jezebel"!

Brittany Brickner for SET Motorsports

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