Alicia Kush_Kandy and Lydia Moe for JDM Sport at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport

JDM Sport Girls Alicia Kush_Kandy and Lydia Moe in stunning red mini dress showed their awesome modeling at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 for JDM Sport / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport always bring their A++ games to car show, big or small.  At the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show at their headquarter Fullerton, CA, JDM Sport again brought 6 models to the show, out topping any other vendors, combined! at the show!

Alicia Kush_Kandy

We first shot the beautiful Alicia Kush_Kandy right by the JDM Sport show car.  Alicia has that talking eyes that you simply cannot escape from.  When she looks at you, it's like she is talking with you without uttering a word, or open her mouth.  That is
very impressive to say the least.  Then her flexible body can put to use in all types of model poses.  Here we are only capturing a few, but we know that she is an awesome model for sure!  We sure will see her a lot in the future we believe!

Lydia Moe

Lydia Moe has that quiet energy in her and she expresses it through her modeling bends and arches.  She gave us plenty of the cool looks either on her three quarters or over the shoulders.  Each one simply shows a cool modeling skills that she possess.  You can find more cool photos of Lydia in our coverage here:

JDM Sport Girls Altogether!

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