Huge Highlights and Updates of Awesome Bimmerfest Fontana 2016 #bimmerfest2016

Asian cover model Sandra Wong at Bimmerfest 2016
Cover Model Sandra Wong for
Mod Bargains in B

Another great show of Bimmerfest 2016!  The two days event was long, but it's totally worth it and very rewarding! / Py Pai

A Marvelous Show

This year, Bimmerfest has decided to do a two-days event to accommodate more BMW fans and families.  It provided greater opportunities and exposures for the vendors to the direct BMW community.

Even though two-days is a long and sometimes gruesome event schedule for any car show, Bimmerfest team has pulled it off very nicely.

Under the California style freezing cold weather, i.e. a gloomy 68F, we came in with low expectation of sun or warmth.  However, on both days, the weather gave all a mercy and granted us a sunny afternoon on the first day, and then a less advantaged second day.

Many Highly Articulated Cars

It goes without saying, many of the cars in the Bimmerfest show venue at Autoclub Speed Way were impressive not just to girls, but to the hard-core BMW devotees.  Many were equipped with all types of mods in their fronts, in their insides, as well as their overall.  This year, we see more souped up engine upgrades or articulated exterior wraps.  They were definitely a feast to the eyes as well as inspirations to the minds.

Star-Studded Promotional Personalities 

On the promotional modeling side, Bimmerfest is always touted as the primary opportunity to see some of the industry's top models.  Case in point here, our magazine always seek and feature the best of the best in the car show worlds.

It's been certified here that many of the models here in the Bimmerfest are indeed our cover and feature models!  The list is long but we love to show it here, because they are simply the awesome models that we always love to work with and very happy that many vendors have hired them.

In fact, as the magazine's brand has been widely recognized over the years, some of the models were hired due to the features that we produced with them, or from our beautiful pictures of the models from shows.  It's not bragging though.  We are just highly appreciated and want to keep doing more great works!

As you can see in this highlight article, it's a long list of the models that we have featured.  From the first photo at the top, Sandra Wong (IG: @thesandrawong), at Mod Bargains, who has been busy with school work and successfully completed one of her major academic stages and now she is moving on to her next stage!  We are super excited for her because she's been working so hard and yet still maintain such a upbeat and refreshing self!

cover model Annelise Marie for
DI Autosports
It's always great to see +Annelise Marie (IG: @annelisejr) at any show, now here at Bimmerfest for DI Autosports.  If you go to major car shows in southern California, you are more likely to see this blonde bombshell giving you big and uber glam smiles that would melt your heart.  It's a total Golden Era American experience in the year 2016!

Ashley Twomey for RF Wheels

Ashley Towmey (IG: @ashley2me) is always a fashionably awesome model, here for RF Wheels.  From the works that we did together from the past, Ashley always creates the stunning photos blended with fashion and lifestyle.  There always seems to have a story to tell from the photos our awesome features.

cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for
2Crave Wheels
At the 2Crave booth, we are so  happy to see our cover model and highly published celebrity, Elizabeth Velasquez (IG: @elizabeth_velasquez)  It's been a while that we have seen Elizabeth.  She has been busy working almost non-stop, flying here and going there.  She's all over the place!  We are glad that she is coming back and paying more attention to the car show world, as we miss her!
cover model Angelina Andrada for
Rohana Wheels

Angelina Andrada (IG: @angelinabear) , our cover model here for Rohana Wheels, has just returned from a very lovely and beautiful trip from the big white north, Canada.  She told us that it's great to be back even though she misses north already.  We are planning another photo shoot with her, but hampered by the ill-tempered so-Cal May weather.  Comes the June gloom in just a few days, we are determined to make an amazing session no matter what!  Definitely stay tuned for the new photos coming out!

cover model Crystal Mendez for
Verde Custom Wheels
+crystal Mendez (IG: @ilove_crystalmendez)  our fashionista haute model, has awesome way to show her graceful yet powerful poses. Each time we have our camera with her, it's always an editorial shoot, no matter it's happening in the parking lot of Autoclub Speedway here for Verde Custom Wheels or inside our W&HM studio in DTLA Fashion District.  The way she moves, the way projects, and the way she interacts with cameras are so unique that we always have a hard to peel ourselves off her presence.  There is always a one more and then one more.... Of course, that translate to many more gorgeous photos of Crystal!

feature model Nelly Chavez for
VIBE Motorsports
What surprise and what a pleasant surprise to see Nelly Chavez (IG: @nellychavez), here at the VIBE Motorsports!  It's indeed been a while since the last time that we saw her.  Her talented works has attracted many followers under her stardom.  The beautiful and sultry model has given us super strong impression during the feature shoot that we did, and we totally look forward to creating even more stunning works with her soon!

feature model Amber Rayn for
RF Wheels
Our feature model, Amber Rayn (IG: @amberrayn) is the reigning winner of Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015! That is a big title, coming from the fierce competition at the show.  She is very well deserved, as she has a natural gift in modeling and working with people.  This time at Bimmerfest 2016, Amber brought her happy self and gave us many cool shots at RF Wheels to share with all!

feature model Amanda Kerr for
VMR Wheels
It's totally great to see Amanda Kerr (IG: @msamandakerr) again especially here in southern California!  Representing VMR Wheels at the Bimmerfest 2016, Amanda came with her usual refreshing self and totally at her element to give us perfect poses and shots.  She was out of the state for a while, and we finally see her emerging in more car shows and events in last year.  That's a great news to the so-Cal car show world!  Definitely look forward to seeing more Amanda in the future!

Epilogue But Not End of The HUGE Highlights of Bimmerfest 2016 

We always love Bimmerfest.  It's actually a very feel-good car show that we everybody enjoys.  There is no rivalry drama of car community territorial stakes.  No risky activities were permitted just for unsafe simple thrills.  We love the organization of the show, the friendliness to media folks, great vendor presences, the fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, and of course the awesome cars that make BMW cars a highly respected brand.  It's truly a wonderful and one and only Bimmer family's wonderland in southern California!

We salute the great job well done and awesome show produced by the Bimmerfest Team!  We totally look forward to the next year's already!!

Bimmerfest 2016 Show Cars 

Promotional Models at Bimmerfest 2016

Marie Madore for FondMetal and DI Autosports

Caitlin Wood for Motiv Wheels

Cambria Joy Mansield for Rohana Wheels

2Crave Model

Ashley Twomey and Amber Rayn for RF Wheels

Cover Model Ashley Twomey for
RF Wheels
Amber Rayn for RF Wheels

Amy Fay for Dinmann 

Erica Law for DKM Klutch kits and Flywheels

Jessica Diane for ESM Wheels

Awesome male model for ESM Wheels

ESM Wheels model

Dani Padron for Mode Carbon

Crystal Mendez with friend from Hawaii

Model from Hawaii

Vibe Motorsports model

Stance Wheels Model

Amber Marie for Stance Wheels

Stance Wheels model

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