Big Highlights of Wekfest Long Beach 2016!! @wekfest_usa

Constance Nunes in denim shorts with long legs at Wekfest Long Beach
Constance Nunes at Wekfest
Long Beach 2016

Wekfest Long Beach did it again this year!  The awesome and popular modified car show achieved another grweat success in the picture-perfect so-Cal Queen Mary waterfront park / Py Pai

Wekfest has established itself as a must-go car show event for modified car owners and lovers in the southern California region. Even from the very first event that they put out back in 2011, we took notice and knew that it's a major show in the coming.

This year, Wekfest did it again, and made it a grand car show that hardly any modified car owners can resist and every JDM modified lovers want to attend.

Under the picturesque so-Cal bright sun and ocean-breezy weather, Queen Mary Memorial Park provided a picture-awesome setting for cars to show off on grass, and people to enjoy a Saturday afternoon off.

 There were many cars at the show that were like who and who, as well as many top models, especially several our cover and feature models made their appearances all so attractive.

Even though we came in early for the media coverage, at the end of the day, we still felt that there were so many wheels and heels that we needed to cover before we leave.  That spells success for the Wekfest team, whose great organization and show logistics made the show ultra successful.

In the model department, the official models include the uber popular IG super model Tianna Gregory, as well as popular Nicole Leigh.  The line to Tianna was as always
a long one.

However, facing hundred of people, Tianna is a real trooper.  She gave everyone a personal hug, a personal autograph, as well as personal selfie.  There is no sign of exhaustion even after an hour we stopped by.  Now that tells a lot about being a super star!

On the vendor side, many of our featured models, including Constance Nunes, Nicole Marie, and Arley Elizabeth, Krstina Hong, Elizabeth Tran were at the show.

Many new faces, including Prestige Marketing's brand new models Lizzy Conway and Gabriella Abutlbol, were at the show.  Also more models were at the show, including Marie Madore, Emkay, Maya, Zara Park, Ashley Vee, Jenna Lane, as well as Big Abe!  Now with this type of line up, the show was a total blast!

On the other side, the cars at the show were just as stunning as the models' presences.  There were a lot of well restored, well modified, well upgraded, and well wrapped cars on the green green grass, with the majestic Queen Mary in the background.  Occasionally, the ship would blow her horn and people were instantly reminded that they were at the beautiful Queen Mary park.

Of course the domination of Japanese modified goes without saying.  However, that does not mean the it's just a big JDM car meet.  Actually, it's far from it.  It's the cream of the crop and top level craftsmanship in display  Some of the proud owners were very happy if they carried a gold sticker saying "WF Featured".  For any car lovers, this is definitely a love fest of cars and aftermarket parts, and upgrades!

Overall, this is a totally awesome and highly successful show and we're already looking forward to the next year's show!

Wekfest Long Beach 2016 Show Models

Nicole Marie

Arley Elizabeth

Krstina Hong

Tianna Gregory

Nicole Leigh

Gabriella Abutbol and Lizzy Conway

Big Abe

Prestige Marketing Girls

Gabriella Abutbol

Lizzy Conway

Marie Madore

Marie Madore again



Zara Park

Ashley Vee

Jenna Lane

Emkay and Elizabeth Tran

Krstina Hong

Models do eat!

 Wekfest Long Beach 2016 Show Cars

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