May 31, 2016

High Style Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #35 with Christina Riordan and Crystal Mendez is Available!!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #35 is released, with high style in mind and stunning pictorials in pages! / Py Pai

We are very excited about this milestone issue in the sense of styling and direction that we are going.  The prevailing trend of strong aesthetic works in the industry of men's interests, auto coverage, and model's portfolios has guided us to the release of print edition #35.

The issue is full of edgy, classy, and stylish pictorials of models and photographic works.

The cover model Christina Riordan, is a tall goddess-like model that always has the supreme fashion sense.  In our cover feature of her, we simply cannot get enough of pages to demonstrate just how haute-fashionable she is and the photographs in the layouts.

Also our cover model Crystal Mendez, an industry top model, graced our cover, and together with more models of new faces in the promotional industry as well as familiar ones.

Car show coverage has been great with major car shows and motorsports events, including Formula Drift Long Beach, Autocon, Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance, as well as other shows.  This is a very exciting issue and a new high fashion direction for us!

You can find out more by clicking the below red button...

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 35 Christina Riordan
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 35, high quality specialty magazine with cover model Christina Riordan, and Crystal Mendez, and feature models Chelley, Michelle Rivas, Michelle Nicole, and Trish Gority. Car show coverage includes 2016 Formula Drift Long Beach, Autocon LA, Greystone Mansion…

May 30, 2016

Huge Highlights and Updates of Awesome Bimmerfest Fontana 2016 #bimmerfest2016

Asian cover model Sandra Wong at Bimmerfest 2016
Cover Model Sandra Wong for
Mod Bargains in B

Another great show of Bimmerfest 2016!  The two days event was long, but it's totally worth it and very rewarding! / Py Pai

A Marvelous Show

This year, Bimmerfest has decided to do a two-days event to accommodate more BMW fans and families.  It provided greater opportunities and exposures for the vendors to the direct BMW community.

Even though two-days is a long and sometimes gruesome event schedule for any car show, Bimmerfest team has pulled it off very nicely.

Under the California style freezing cold weather, i.e. a gloomy 68F, we came in with low expectation of sun or warmth.  However, on both days, the weather gave all a mercy and granted us a sunny afternoon on the first day, and then a less advantaged second day.

Many Highly Articulated Cars

It goes without saying, many of the cars in the Bimmerfest show venue at Autoclub Speed Way were impressive not just to girls, but to the hard-core BMW devotees.  Many were equipped with all types of mods in their fronts, in their insides, as well as their overall.  This year, we see more souped up engine upgrades or articulated exterior wraps.  They were definitely a feast to the eyes as well as inspirations to the minds.

Star-Studded Promotional Personalities 

On the promotional modeling side, Bimmerfest is always touted as the primary opportunity to see some of the industry's top models.  Case in point here, our magazine always seek and feature the best of the best in the car show worlds.

It's been certified here that many of the models here in the Bimmerfest are indeed our cover and feature models!  The list is long but we love to show it here, because they are simply the awesome models that we always love to work with and very happy that many vendors have hired them.

In fact, as the magazine's brand has been widely recognized over the years, some of the models were hired due to the features that we produced with them, or from our beautiful pictures of the models from shows.  It's not bragging though.  We are just highly appreciated and want to keep doing more great works!

As you can see in this highlight article, it's a long list of the models that we have featured.  From the first photo at the top, Sandra Wong (IG: @thesandrawong), at Mod Bargains, who has been busy with school work and successfully completed one of her major academic stages and now she is moving on to her next stage!  We are super excited for her because she's been working so hard and yet still maintain such a upbeat and refreshing self!

cover model Annelise Marie for
DI Autosports
It's always great to see +Annelise Marie (IG: @annelisejr) at any show, now here at Bimmerfest for DI Autosports.  If you go to major car shows in southern California, you are more likely to see this blonde bombshell giving you big and uber glam smiles that would melt your heart.  It's a total Golden Era American experience in the year 2016!

Ashley Twomey for RF Wheels

Ashley Towmey (IG: @ashley2me) is always a fashionably awesome model, here for RF Wheels.  From the works that we did together from the past, Ashley always creates the stunning photos blended with fashion and lifestyle.  There always seems to have a story to tell from the photos our awesome features.

cover model Elizabeth Velasquez for
2Crave Wheels
At the 2Crave booth, we are so  happy to see our cover model and highly published celebrity, Elizabeth Velasquez (IG: @elizabeth_velasquez)  It's been a while that we have seen Elizabeth.  She has been busy working almost non-stop, flying here and going there.  She's all over the place!  We are glad that she is coming back and paying more attention to the car show world, as we miss her!
cover model Angelina Andrada for
Rohana Wheels

Angelina Andrada (IG: @angelinabear) , our cover model here for Rohana Wheels, has just returned from a very lovely and beautiful trip from the big white north, Canada.  She told us that it's great to be back even though she misses north already.  We are planning another photo shoot with her, but hampered by the ill-tempered so-Cal May weather.  Comes the June gloom in just a few days, we are determined to make an amazing session no matter what!  Definitely stay tuned for the new photos coming out!

cover model Crystal Mendez for
Verde Custom Wheels
+crystal Mendez (IG: @ilove_crystalmendez)  our fashionista haute model, has awesome way to show her graceful yet powerful poses. Each time we have our camera with her, it's always an editorial shoot, no matter it's happening in the parking lot of Autoclub Speedway here for Verde Custom Wheels or inside our W&HM studio in DTLA Fashion District.  The way she moves, the way projects, and the way she interacts with cameras are so unique that we always have a hard to peel ourselves off her presence.  There is always a one more and then one more.... Of course, that translate to many more gorgeous photos of Crystal!

feature model Nelly Chavez for
VIBE Motorsports
What surprise and what a pleasant surprise to see Nelly Chavez (IG: @nellychavez), here at the VIBE Motorsports!  It's indeed been a while since the last time that we saw her.  Her talented works has attracted many followers under her stardom.  The beautiful and sultry model has given us super strong impression during the feature shoot that we did, and we totally look forward to creating even more stunning works with her soon!

feature model Amber Rayn for
RF Wheels
Our feature model, Amber Rayn (IG: @amberrayn) is the reigning winner of Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2015! That is a big title, coming from the fierce competition at the show.  She is very well deserved, as she has a natural gift in modeling and working with people.  This time at Bimmerfest 2016, Amber brought her happy self and gave us many cool shots at RF Wheels to share with all!

feature model Amanda Kerr for
VMR Wheels
It's totally great to see Amanda Kerr (IG: @msamandakerr) again especially here in southern California!  Representing VMR Wheels at the Bimmerfest 2016, Amanda came with her usual refreshing self and totally at her element to give us perfect poses and shots.  She was out of the state for a while, and we finally see her emerging in more car shows and events in last year.  That's a great news to the so-Cal car show world!  Definitely look forward to seeing more Amanda in the future!

Epilogue But Not End of The HUGE Highlights of Bimmerfest 2016 

We always love Bimmerfest.  It's actually a very feel-good car show that we everybody enjoys.  There is no rivalry drama of car community territorial stakes.  No risky activities were permitted just for unsafe simple thrills.  We love the organization of the show, the friendliness to media folks, great vendor presences, the fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, and of course the awesome cars that make BMW cars a highly respected brand.  It's truly a wonderful and one and only Bimmer family's wonderland in southern California!

We salute the great job well done and awesome show produced by the Bimmerfest Team!  We totally look forward to the next year's already!!

May 29, 2016

Big Highlights of Wekfest Long Beach 2016!! @wekfest_usa

Constance Nunes in denim shorts with long legs at Wekfest Long Beach
Constance Nunes at Wekfest
Long Beach 2016

Wekfest Long Beach did it again this year!  The awesome and popular modified car show achieved another grweat success in the picture-perfect so-Cal Queen Mary waterfront park / Py Pai

Wekfest has established itself as a must-go car show event for modified car owners and lovers in the southern California region. Even from the very first event that they put out back in 2011, we took notice and knew that it's a major show in the coming.

This year, Wekfest did it again, and made it a grand car show that hardly any modified car owners can resist and every JDM modified lovers want to attend.

Under the picturesque so-Cal bright sun and ocean-breezy weather, Queen Mary Memorial Park provided a picture-awesome setting for cars to show off on grass, and people to enjoy a Saturday afternoon off.

 There were many cars at the show that were like who and who, as well as many top models, especially several our cover and feature models made their appearances all so attractive.

Even though we came in early for the media coverage, at the end of the day, we still felt that there were so many wheels and heels that we needed to cover before we leave.  That spells success for the Wekfest team, whose great organization and show logistics made the show ultra successful.

In the model department, the official models include the uber popular IG super model Tianna Gregory, as well as popular Nicole Leigh.  The line to Tianna was as always

May 28, 2016

Brittany Murata Rocked at JDM Sport in FDLB 2016 @BrittanyMurata @jdmsport #fdlb2016

Brittany Murata bursted into the So-Cal car show scene with a full force and strong presence! / W&HM Staff

We've never met Brittany Murata before, but once we did, we would never forget her!

Brittany had a commanding presence at JDM Sport in Formula Drift Long Beach 2016.  Everywhere she went, there were a cloud of photographers and show attendees surrounding her.

When she started posing for our camera, she gave us the full force that we haven't seen for a while.  No models do that much any more, but not Brittany!

Brittany showed off her

May 27, 2016

Gorgeous Duo Nitto Tire Girls Courtney Riggs and Janey B at FDLB 2016 @CourtneyRiggs_ @Hello_Janey

We are very happy to see the new line up of the Nitto Tires umbrella girls!  Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B looking awesome! / W&HM Staff

At the 2016 Formula Drift Long Beach event, we were super happy to see a new line up of the umbrella girls at the Nitto Tires booth!

The models were refreshing, friendly and totally awesome!  What a breath of new air we must say!

Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B at the stand to give out their

May 26, 2016

Quick Post of Speed Origin T-Shirts Hot Item at FDLB 2016

Quick post of Speed Origin T-Shirt company at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 / W&HM Staff

The JDM Sport model Bella has temporarily crossed over to show off the ingenious T shirt designs by Speed Origin.

The T-Shirt company has created a new line of designs that carries the good tradition of typography and layout.  They made them like a good old Jack Daniel style which is super popular in the nowadays leisure scenes.

Here Bella gave us different front aspects of the T-shirt and approrpiately combined with

May 25, 2016

Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 More Models at Lifestyle Expo

There were simply too many models at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Life Expo that we could not let go... Here are more  highlights of the models from the expo / W&HM Staff

Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach is not an import car show scene, and it's a much different audience too.  It has a deep root in the everyday american motorsport lovers' hearts and minds.  And it is reflected in the Life Expo as well.

With a much more family friendly environment, Life Expo models were at their full gears with friendly smiles.

Here we bring more highlights of the models to share with all!

May 24, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 #Vertini Wheels Models Courtney Simmons, Ashley Summer, and Amber Marie #autocon

Vertini Wheels brough several models that totally heated up the Autocon LA 2016 show / W&HM Staff

This year at the Autocon LA 2016, Vertini has brought out their staple and new models to the show.

Courtney Simmons and Ashley Summer dominated the scene, while Amber Marie showed off her awesome

May 23, 2016

#ModelMonday Model Sara Wilson from American Model Management Captured by Andy Welch Now in WWWH Page @AmModelMgmt

We have a new WWWH feature article of model Sara Wilson from the American Model Management today!  Sara Wilson is on the other side of the continental land, but she exhibits a great deal of perky and bright personality of a California girl.

The photo series is created by the photographer Andy Welch, and shows candid moments and personal style here.

American Model Management has been awesome working together with us and their models are supreme when it comes to the promotional works.  Definitely check them out!

Now here is the compete photo series and Q&A's of the model and the photographer!

Definitely check it out!

May 22, 2016

The JDM Sport Modeling Queenpin Jasmyn Skye and Darlene May at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport @jasmyn_skye

The queenpin of JDM Sport modeling team Jasmyn Skye and her JDM Sport girl Darlene May at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

In the import car show modeling industry on the west coast, if you don't know Jasmyn Skye, then you are missing out...

Throughout the years, JDM Sport modeling team has unearthed several industry's super models and top talents.  They provide a great foyer for the import modeling world.  And the brilliant and hard working figure behind their success is Jasmyn Skye.

Jasmyn Skye

Jasmyn has been in the industry for a good portion of its ups and downs.  She knows

Bella and Emma for JDM Sport at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport

The beautiful inked JDM Sport girl Bella and her felllow model friend look extra gorgeous by the vintage Chevy from the Los Angeles Car Club, at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

At the ED car show, JDM Sport has done it again with big number of models at their space.

Here we have Bella and Emma, two very cool models.


We've met Bella in the past shows several times.  She always has that vivacious energy and engaging smiles for our camera.  Each time, the photos came out

May 21, 2016

Alicia Kush_Kandy and Lydia Moe for JDM Sport at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport

JDM Sport Girls Alicia Kush_Kandy and Lydia Moe in stunning red mini dress showed their awesome modeling at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 for JDM Sport / W&HM Staff

JDM Sport always bring their A++ games to car show, big or small.  At the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show at their headquarter Fullerton, CA, JDM Sport again brought 6 models to the show, out topping any other vendors, combined! at the show!

Alicia Kush_Kandy

We first shot the beautiful Alicia Kush_Kandy right by the JDM Sport show car.  Alicia has that talking eyes that you simply cannot escape from.  When she looks at you, it's like she is talking with you without uttering a word, or open her mouth.  That is

May 18, 2016

Awesome Lilly Evans Modeling for 742 RW at ED Car Show 2016 @LillyEvans_

Sweet and Beautiful Model Lilly Evans for 742 Race War at Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

The sweet, beautiful, leggy, and totally cool model Lilly Evans were at the ED car show for the RWTX event that is coming up soon.

Lilly Evans has many transformation over the past few years.  We still remember the first we did a photo shoot with her that she was doing awesome during the shoot, and the photo results are simply edgy and cool.

Through the years, Lilly has grown up to expand her career to various genre of modeling and acting.  Now she is

May 17, 2016

Always Happy and Sunny Arley Elizabeth for Continental Tire at Extreme Dimensions Car Show @arrrrlz @continental_tire

Our Cover Model Arley Elizabeth Always Looks Sunny and Perky, Here at Continental Tire in Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

We love our models!  Arley Elizabeth who has graced our magazine's cover twice, is such a wonderful person that you get an instant happy jolt each time you meet her.

Here at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show, which is their 10th annual anniversary, Arley was with Continental Tire in the show.

Not only Arley gave us some beautiful pictures, she also created many fun shots for everyone!  That's what we call the professionalism at play!  Great job Arley!!

May 16, 2016

Highlights of 15th Annual Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 Cars and Models

JDM Sport girls in red mini dresses group shot

15th Annual Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 Hit It Huge With Festive Fun for Modified Car Lover Families and Friends! / Py Pai / Fullerton, CA

Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show is getting bigger and bigger every year.  This year's its 15th annual event, and it's one of the biggest, if not _the_ biggest that we have attended at all time!

The line getting into the parking lot show venue was long in the morning, under the cloudy overcast sky and steam oven heat.  The big parking lot of the hosting company is huge, but filled up quickly and in no time, the whole place was full.

That shows the enthusiastic support from modified car lovers as well as a great way to spend a happy Saturday afternoon.

There were many vendors at the show, and one of the most attractive spot of the vendor presence was the JDM Sport.  Whenever you walk by their booth, there's always some fun commotions going on either with their huge presence of JDM Sport models, or their swanky cars that were showcased in front of the booth.

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth was standing awesome for Continental Tire, which was at a very strategic popular spot.
Arley Elizabeth in black boots with Continental Tire
Among many cars showed up at the event, we first noticed our cover show car Dark Angel from Changster.  His iconic high-artistic rendering paint work on his car is a signature symbol of devotion and never ending upgrades.
 Many cars at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show this year, has showed their Japanese affinity.  Not only there were a lot of exotic accessories or modifications that were done on the cars, there were also great deal of Japanese Manga / Anime character stickers or symbols on many of the cars.
Overall, this is a wonderful event, which has provided a great opportunity for modified car lovers to mingle and have fun during the month of May.  In between several big shows last month and next months, Extreme Dimensions car show has held a special spot and cemented their must-attend car show status.

We say bravo and well done!  Great job guys!

May 13, 2016

Cool Autocon LA 2016 Al & Ed's Autosound Model Rosie Flores

The budding model, Roise Flores is very comfortable with the car show scene and she demonstrated her cool presence! / W&HM Staff

We met model Rosie Flores at the Import Face Off car show in Fontana last year, who was with the Clean promotions team:

We definitely saw the modeling talent in her and it shows back then as well as here at the 2016 Autocon LA car show.

Rosie is a quiet storm model that has lots of creativity and energy under her cool and chic appearance.  When you point your camera to her, she would definitely gave you all the great photos before you even knew it!

May 12, 2016

Awesome Autocon LA 2016 Car Show Models Kay Bae and Friend @kay_bae

The Long Wait is Over!  Kay Bae is back in California!  This time, she is at the Autocon LA 2016 car show with another fellow model / W&HM Staff

It's been a long while since we last saw model Kay Bae.  When she first entered the car show modeling industry, we would see her in all the shows, and she's always been so graceful and chic.  We even remember the first time we met her back in 2010 and we definitely took a lot of photos of her:

This time at Autocon LA 2016, we met her again and happily learned that she is back in the CA region now.  What does that mean?  We will see her a lot more in car shows!!  That's awesome!!

May 11, 2016

Sweet Autocon LA 2016 Model Brittany Brickner @brittbrixx

Brittany Brickner looking awesome at the SET Motorsports Booth in Autocon LA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Brittany Brickner is always so vivacious and energetic.  Each time we see her at an event, she sends out lots of positive vibes that we immediate feel them.

At the Autocon LA 2016 car show, Brittany was with the SET Motorsports company.  The cool car behind Brittany is an Infiniti G35, Jezebel, a purple and totally awesome car with Powered by RPM.

You can get some glimpses of the car by google "purple g35 jezebel"!

May 10, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Spektrum Magazine Model Cristal Aguierre @Cristal_Aguirre @spektrummag #acla2016

Ultra Vibrant and Fun Cristal Aguierre for Spektrum Magazine at the Autocon LA 2016 Car Show / W&HM Staff

We haven't seen Cristal Aguierre for a long time, like this long!

It's almost a half a year ago!  We were definitely super happy to see Cristal again at the Autocon show.

Cristal Aguierre were the perky fairy who brightened the show atmosphere front and back and on the stage.  She is such a popular model that she virtually stopped by every industry photographers and vendors at the show.

We all want to thank Spektrum Magazine to bring Cristal Aguierre to this year's Autocon event and made it even more spectacular and fun!

May 9, 2016

Monster Energy Girls Danielle Lo and Caitlin Nordby at FDLB 2016 @Danielle_lo @MonsterEnergy

Danielle Lo and Caitlin Nordby, the gorgeous Monster Energy Girls, at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 / W&HM Staff

Monster Energy Girls are always an eye catching entity in any motorsports event that they attend.  It's like adding a shot of Monster Energy drink to the high octane events.

This time, at Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach, the season opener, Monster Girls, Danielle Lo and Caitlin Nordby, showed up during the rainy days of the competitions. Nonetheless, they still brought plenty of sunshine with their bright smiles and warm personality.

To combat the chilly air of the unusual so-Cal weather, both were in their chic black leather-like tight body suits, with kicking boots!  Could not be more awesome than this!!

May 8, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Car Show Model - Annelise Marie for Concept One Klutch Wheels @annelisejr @klutchwheels @concept1wheels

Ultra glam Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model Annelise Marie created a bright beacon for Concept One / Klutch Wheels booth at Autocon LA 2016 / W&HM Staff / Los Angeles, CA

Our cover model Annelise Marie, a stunning gorgeous blonde, is always an attraction point at any shows she goes to.  Here at Autocon LA 2016, Concept One / Klutch Wheels had a wonderful opportunity to have this awesome model as their bright star for their booth presence in the vast space of the show floor.

Annelise has been busy with various projects.  If you check out her Instagram (@annelisejr) photos and snapchat (annelisejr) stories, you will find she is a prolific and talented, and ultra sexy and totally amazing model!

We have the great pleasure to feature her on our print issue #33 on the cover.  Definitely check it out as well!

May 6, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Al & Ed's Autosound model Iona Looking Majestic! @aleds

Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Stood Tall and Gracefully at Al and Ed's Autosound 

Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Iona / W&HM Staff

At the Autocon LA 2016 show, we were so happy to see our print feature model Iona again, at the Al and Ed's Autosound booth!!

Al and Ed's Autosound has always been a great supporter of hiring local models for events.  In the past, they have our cover and feature models Arley, Brittany, and others in their show presence.  This time, it's Iona!

Iona as you a great memory of her from the past, she is such an amazing fashion model like model.  Each time we work with her, she is always creating our best works for us.  Her natural fashion inclination made her a super awesome talent in front of our camera, no matter during feature shoots or at shows.  Iona is one of the most amazing models that we worked with!!

You can find more of her from the past features in the link at the bottom of the article!

May 5, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Official Models Sydney Maler Janey B Runa Lucienne and Nicole Leigh / W&HM Staff

Every year at the Autocon car show, the models at the official model lounge are always the center of focus for many fans of car show models.

Autocon always look for both the established and upcoming top models in the industry, and bring them together to their upfront and personal spot in front of the main stage.

This year, they have given us Sidney Maler, Janey B, Runa Lucienne, and Nicole Leigh, plus Tianna Gregory as the official models.

We had a great chance to take pictures of them individually, and the pictures simply speak for themselves why these cool models were at the official model lounge in Autocon.


More in the article...

May 4, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Stance Wheels Model Jessica Weaver, Our Awesome Cover Model! @JloveJlove11

Our cover model Jessica Weaver was the brightest star at the Stance Wheels booth in Autocon LA 2016

* / W&HM Staff *

It's always great to see Jessica Weaver, our cover model!  Every time, it's a warm and fun catch up.  Not only she can make you smile, she can make you smart too!

Of course, you would probably be blinded by the sheer beauty of Jessica on the first glace.  This ultra glamorous model has commanded the car show scene for years.

Now Jessica is also in a member of a million-followers club!  She is very well deserved for her selflessly sharing and fan affinity.

At the Stance Wheels booth, she was the only model who has the blond hair and was immediately an attraction to the booth.  Many people asked to take pictures of her, with her, or simply just a chance to meet this gorgeous star!

May 3, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Official Model Tianna Gregory Created a Tsunami Crowd @_TiannaG

The mega IG super star Tianna Gregory created a storm at Autocon LA 2016 / W&HM Staff

Whenever you mention Tianna Gregory in a car show, it would generate a frenzy, and a big cloud of people will automatically form around the subject location, and sometimes it's even a tornado of people.

The petite but powerful model has commanded the IG platform with 3M followers and fast growing too.

At the Autocon LA 2016, Tianna is one of the official models at the show.  When she showed up at the event, there were waves of waves of people already crowding to welcome her.  The lucky few at the front of the line got a chance to meet her in the first come first serve base, and the rest were simply a long history of fan greeting and meeting and selfing.

Through out the session, you can tell that Tianna is really great to her fans.  The concentration of undivided attention that she gave to her fans was high to the degree of instant intoxication.

After the intense and hour plus long appearance, Tianna still maintained a great spirit and never gave up on her last fans to the end.  We are sure that this is one of the secret ingredients that she has to become the super star.

May 2, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 R1 Concepts Model Zara Park Dazzled The Show #zarapark

Fresh face Zara Park is on to being the it-girl of the year by her current trajectory path / W&HM Staff

Zara Park burst into the scene with her refreshing face, super long hair, tall lean figure, as well as her love of cars and racing.

Her appearances at various shows, big and small so far, are staggering.  It's like everywhere we point our camera, there she is.

You can also observe the stardom that she possess during the R1-Concepts booth appearance at the Autocon LA 2016 show.

Zara was animated, energetic, sometimes perky, and definitely friendly and fun.  She would not reject a picture op and always felt home with the hommies of the show model photographer community.

By this projection, Zara Park most certainly has earned her it-girl status for the first quarter of the year, and we look forward to seeing more of her for the rest as well!

May 1, 2016

Autocon LA 2016 Blaque Diamond Model Franchesca DC @franchescadc @BD_wheels / W&HM Staff

Whenever and wherever our cover model Franchesca DC is showing up, there is always a crowd surrounding her.  This time she is at the Blaque Diamond wholesale wheels company in the Autocon LA 2016 car show.

In her elegant and sexy dress, Franchesca DC was very popular and constantly busy posing with show attendees as well as photographers who admire her beauty and presence.

Right accompanying by Franchesca DC was an all white mustang with many cool mods.  The combination of the beauty and the beast created a perfect car show picture!

Blaque Diamond is a premium wheel wholesale company.  They have been in the market since 2009 and we are seeing that they are growing great with the evidence of prime spot in the Autocon LA 2016 show.  We definitely look forward to seeing them again as well as Franchesca DC in future events!
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