VIBE Motorsports Girls Alert! Nelly Chavez and Models at VIBE Motorsports in Bimmerfest 2016 @NellyChavez818 @vibemotorsports

VIBE Motorsports' presence at every Bimmerfest is legendary.  This year's show did not let us down.  Great job Guy!! / W&HM Staff

Every year, VIBE Motorsports bring their squad of models to help them spread the love and name of the fine auto works that they do. It's becoming a staple in the Bimmerfest events.

This year, they had Nelly Chavez, our feature model as well as a many of models together to showcase how this legend is forged!

Nelly Chavez 

Nelly Chavez is our feature model, who has fearless talents and awesome skills of modeling.  We have witnessed great works from her either from our feature shoot, or from

The Blonde Bombshell Cover Model Annelise Marie for DI Autosports at Bimmerfest 2016 @annelisejr

The car show super model and ultra talented blonde bombshell, cover model Annelise Marie, look smashing and elegant for DI Autosports in Bimmerfest 2016 / W&HM Staff

Annelise Marie, the gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model showed up at the Bimmerfest with her stylish Aviator sunglasses and a pure white dress that is classy and chic.  The black strappy sandal on her feet simply made the whole presentation to the 10!

DI Autosports is the car customization expert.  They can make your European super car or off-road American good old faithful into the ways and looks that you can dream of.

Right by the DI Autosports's complimentary white high performance and tuned BMW ride, Annelise made the perfect picture for us, and everybody!

Randyl Sighting! Falken Top Model Randyl Dawn at FDLB 2016

We have't seen Randyl Dawn from Falken Tires for a long time and this is the one chance that we had at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 season opener! / W&HM Staff

Ever since Falken has reduced many of the booth presences and sponsorships from variuos motorsports events or major car shows and events, we have not seen Randyl Dawn much at all.

Here at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 season opener event, Randyl showed up unexpected in front of our camera and we had to freeze her in time to get some shots of her.

We haven't seen Randyl for a long time, so we took and opportunity and did not let her go for good 30 seconds before she had to rush to her duty...

We sure hope that we will see her again in the future events and bring us back all the great

Long Time No See! Clean Culture Car Show #SocialSeasonOpener JDM Sport Model Jenna Lynn @jdmsport

Jenna Lynn is back!  Here at the JDM Sport booth in Clean Culture car show in Arcadia / W&HM Staff

We've known Jenna Lynn since her early days in the car show world.  You should check them out if you haven't seem the coverage that we have on her.

It is simply awesome!  Jenna Lynn always has a big smile that you cannot forget even after a few days, like a beautiful perfume that linger in your head...

Through the several car modeling years, Jenna Lynn has

Star Power! Bear Delligner for GT Radial at FDLB 2016! @BearDellinger

The TV star model Bear Delinger showed up at GT Radial booth with totally heart warming smiles and awesome model looks, in Formula Drift Long Beach 2016! / W&HM Staff
It's always great to see Bear Dellinger.  Not only she is gorgeous, she is friendly, more she is knowledgeable and awesome!

We remember that she did a quick video for us at last year's SEMA show, introducing the show car's powerful engine set up like she's built it herself.  That's super cool!

At the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016, Bear Delinger in the eye-arresting GT Radial uniform and looked every bit of hot and wow as

Simply Wow!! Colors and Curves! Gorgeous Feature Model Denni for GT Radial at Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 @denniib

The gorgeous feature model Dennii is looking more and more awesome and getting busier and busier!! / W&HM Staff
Ever since we worked with Dennii, we noticed that she is appearing in many events that we have covered.  Dennii is always busy working with various vendors and events that have kept her schedule full of travel plans.  That's a great thing to have for sure!

At the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 event, Denni was with the GT Radial and in their iconic red while and blue body suit.  By this year, Dennii has master this suit to the last elastic fabric.

Not only the outfit is body hugging, it's always color attacking.  However, they are no match to Dennii's sweet smile and her beautiful curves.  Our camera could immediate take the cue and

Sister Act One! L'Amour Niggl and Manda for McLeod at FDLB 2016 @Lamourniggl

The sister team of L'Amour and Manda at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 event for McLeod / W&HM Staff
Under the gloomy weather of Formula Drift Long Beach 2016, one of the brightest spot was at where our feature model L'Amour Niggl and her kid sister Manda for the McLeod booth.

The duo looked awesome and happy especially it's the first time that Manda is modeling in a public car show.

The two sisters definitely drew a lot of people especially with cameras to the booth as well as anywhere they went.
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