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June 27, 2016

Part One of the Fun and Exciting Bikini Contest at West Coast Invasion Car Show at Chino #westcoastinvasion

One of the most fun bikini contests of all recent car shows, albeit on a small stage, with big excitements!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

The debut instant hit of West Coast Invasion at Chino Airport has one of the best bikini contests in recent car show history.

It was not confounded in the formality of parading models on the stage, or getting the crowds to work up the
votes for their favorite contestants.  Those are given.  Even before the contest, the wonderful MC did several announcements to make sure that people are aware of this exciting event.  When people gathered up, he even reminded the enthusiastic photographers to update their battery for flash before the show. What a brilliant reminder!

The wonderful MC made the point of a casual, fun, and humorous procession of the contest.  For each contestant coming up the stage, he did a "very" correct intro for each model.  He asked their names, where they came from, and then what social media account people can follow.  We've never seen that before, and we think it's ultra appropriate for that piece of information for any contestants.  Bravo!!

This is the part 1 of the bikini contest at the West Coast Invasion car show.  Stay tuned for the subsequent parts!

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