VIBE Motorsports Girls Alert! Nelly Chavez and Models at VIBE Motorsports in Bimmerfest 2016 @NellyChavez818 @vibemotorsports

VIBE Motorsports' presence at every Bimmerfest is legendary.  This year's show did not let us down.  Great job Guy!! / W&HM Staff

Every year, VIBE Motorsports bring their squad of models to help them spread the love and name of the fine auto works that they do. It's becoming a staple in the Bimmerfest events.

This year, they had Nelly Chavez, our feature model as well as a many of models together to showcase how this legend is forged!

Nelly Chavez 

Nelly Chavez is our feature model, who has fearless talents and awesome skills of modeling.  We have witnessed great works from her either from our feature shoot, or from
car shows, or from her personal portfolios across the internet, Nelly always delivers!

Nelly Chavez and Crystal Mendez and Friend

VIBE Motorsports Girls

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