The New Girls of The Legendary Hankook Girls at FDLB 2016 @Lindseyharrod @karol_priscilla

We cannot believe that we have not introduced you the new line up of the legendary Hankook Girls, Sarah Top, Lindsey Harrod, and Karol Priscilla, from Formula Drift Long Beach 2016! / W&HM Staff

The top of the class, the cream of the crops, and the must-see models are always in the hankook booth.  Their genius uniform and strict selections of their models have made them the the most sought after model jobs as well as media coverage spot in the Formula Drift events.

This year, we met the new girls at the Long Beach event.  We know Sarah Top from the last year's line up.  Sarah is always so carefree and fashion strong that shows through her works and poses.

Then Lindsey Harrod (middle) has been in the promotional world for a good portion of our magazine's years, and we are very happy that
she has made it to the Hankook girls team.

And then we found a new model, Karol Priscilla who we've never met before. who has a very sweet smile.  She's a bit shy from the onslaught of the crowd for their autographed posters, but she totally maintained a wonderful personna even during chaos...

Sarah Top, Lindsey Harrod and Karol Priscilla

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