Star Power! Bear Delligner for GT Radial at FDLB 2016! @BearDellinger

The TV star model Bear Delinger showed up at GT Radial booth with totally heart warming smiles and awesome model looks, in Formula Drift Long Beach 2016! / W&HM Staff
It's always great to see Bear Dellinger.  Not only she is gorgeous, she is friendly, more she is knowledgeable and awesome!

We remember that she did a quick video for us at last year's SEMA show, introducing the show car's powerful engine set up like she's built it herself.  That's super cool!

At the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016, Bear Delinger in the eye-arresting GT Radial uniform and looked every bit of hot and wow as
the uniform intended!

We sure hope to see a lot more of Bear, simply because she is so awesome!!

Bear Delinger 

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