Big Highlights of The Instant Hit of Westcoast Invasion Auto Expo 2016 with JDM Sport #westcoastinvasion @jdmsport

Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie beautiful smiles, at Westcoast Invasion Chino

The Great Debut of Westcoast Invasion Auto Expo 2016 with JDM Sport, proves to be an immensely entertaining and awesomely run car show!!  As JDM Sport mentioned, Bring Back The Good Old Fun! / W&HM Staff

This is the first time that the Invasion Events coming to California, after \their good showings at east coast and Texas.  The Westcoast Invasion show with JDM Sport at Chino Airport Hanger proves to be an instant hit and a very worthy car show to be in the crowded southern California car show industry.

 First off, the genius behind the event venue is a great surprise element.  Never have we seen cars and Learjet parked side by side.  This is a definitely a shock and awe presentation and an great story to tell.

Even though the weather was hot, the parking was a bit hard, the festive atmosphere, and rows and rows of great tuner and domestic cars definitely made us immediately forgot about them.

Then the models, what can we say?  The brilliant JDM Sport Vixens Team brought in their strong force and then added more.  The abundant photo opportunities with these models from California, Arizona, and even Indiana, inside a hanger, by a private jet, or outside with cool cars, were all the awesome things we love!  Totally great job JDM Sport Vixens Team!!

We also found our cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Marie Reckers with High Class team at the show.  Their appearance definitely put an anchor of the model scene for us.  It's so great to see these Thunder Buddies again!!

Coming back to the car department, after all, this is a CAR Show for sure!  We are so happy to see our magazine's cover car "Dark Angel" by Changster, as well as the fresh out of the shop, fully undated and upgraded and wrapped World Wide Lancer Club's cool car.

Also our long time friend, Prestige Marketing, brought their
(as always) strong presence with their high-prized rides to the show.  Together with the JDM Sport team cars, they are the tour de force to admire!
And, and!!!  The bikini contest at the Westcoast Invasion is one of the best done that we've seen for a long time!!  Not only there were so many beautiful models at the cozy stage at the show, the genius of
water infused wet bikini competition simply made the contest to the top.  It's like a spring break timee for all the car guys and gals, especially under the hot hot sun!  This is one of the best done bikini contests we
love to say!!  Great job Westcoast Invasion Team and the awesome MC!!

Here is the full highlight article of the wonderful Westcoast Invasion car show...

JDM Sport Vixens

There were so many JDM Sport models, we were not even sure that we covered most of them.  Here are some of them in our highlight.  For sure we will have a lot more photos to bring to you soon!

JDM Sport Vixen Asia

 JDM Sport Vixen Andrea

Deja, JDM Sport Vixen

 More Models at Westcoast Invasion

Bee Barajas 

 Arnee Mory


 Kallita Daniel 

 Airica Moe



 Show Cars at the Westcoast Invasion

The cars in the show were packed like sardines.  That gave us a chance to see many + many cars both inside the hanger as well as on the parking lot.  There were so many  that we could not even scratch the surface of many great cars there were, of course figuratively speaking.

Great Stage Actions and The Great Bikini Contest at Westocast Invasion 

The MC of the show is one of the best that we've ever witnessed. Not only he could keep the crowd going, he was humorous and most importantly, when he introduce each bikini contestant, he made sure that their social media connection is well announced.  That's simply the basic and most important thing an MC could do in a bikini contest!  Great job and our hat's off to you man!!

 The wet bikini competition is soooo refreshing!!  Totally awesome1!

 Lilly Evans

 Marisol Alatorre - The Winner of the Bikini Contest showing her new $500 cash prize money!

We highly command the great work and awesome debut of the Westcoast Invasion car show, with JDM Sport's powerful force.  This is one of the very memorable car shows that we have attened.  We definitely look forward to the great event again later this year!!

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