Early Rise Arley Eilzabeth Our Cover Model at Wekfest 2016

Our cover model Arley Elizabeth is an early bird at car shows and  always working hard.  What a model of the models!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

If you have ever hired Arley Elizabeth to be your brand ambassador or model, you are in a great luck.  Arley's work ethic is impeccable, her resources and network are immense, and she is super smart and totally teamwork oriented.

At the Wekfest Long Beach 2016, we saw Arley arrived way before the show started.  We weren't even sure if she was working or just coming to support her friends, because it's just her.  She has a great community spirit to the car show world.

Once the show started at the ACE Alloy Wheels booth,
Arley worked tirelessly through the show and gave everybody an equal opportunity for her beautiful photos and warm smiles...  We were on the sideline, and taking in all this high-professional performance.  We were totally in awe to our amazing cover model!!

Arley Elizabeth

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