Most Talented Presentation in Bimmerfest, Cover Model Crystal Mendez Was The Most Fashionable and Awesome Model at the Show!

If all models are like our cover model Crystal Mendez, all car shows would be like fashion shows and high performance arts!  We totally love this amazing and truly talented super model! / W&HM Staff

Modeling is an art and a craft, and our amazing cover model Crystal Mendez has them both!

It goes without saying, Crystal is totally gorgeous!  Since the first time we saw her, we were immediately mesmerized.

However, her beauty does not inhibit her inspirational passion for modeling and her experience only enhances her skills to create the stunning photos that we captured here.

No matter she is moving, posing, performing, you can
tell that she totally enjoys it and at the same time be confident about it.  That's what a great model separates from the rest of the pack!  There are a lot that most models can learn from Crystal!!

Crystal Mendez 

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